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AMD Catalyst Drivers: Frame Pacing Fixes for Radeon 7990 and CrossFire

You may have recently heard some news about AMD fixing something wrong with their products, something you probably weren’t even aware was broken. It’s entirely understandable if you missed the headlines, because the fix really only impacted a very small (microscopic) portion of gamers who own the ultra-premium Radeon HD 7990 graphics card or have two 7900-series video cards configured together into a CrossFire set. Still, it was important news for those of us who invested in AMD’s latest discrete graphics solution. By those of us, I really mean almost nobody.

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Frame-Pacing Video Driver Aims to Fix Radeon HD 7990 Microstutter

Frame-Pacing Video Driver Aims to Fix Radeon HD 7990 Microstutter By Tech-Report When the Radeon HD 7990 first hit the market back in April, it didn’t get the sort of reception one might expect for a graphics card that could easily claim to be the world’s fastest. The trouble it encountered had been brewing for quite a …

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