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NETGEAR CES 2014 New Products Showcase

NETGEAR rushed out the gate full force as CES 2014 started with a flurry of new products designed to improve network bandwidth and signal strength for the home or small office. Their two newest WiFi range extenders even won prestigious innovations awards. Benchmark Reviews met up with NETGEAR at their invitation-only suite during CES 2014 to get a look at the newest products and technologies being released.

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FUNC Shows Off Complete Gaming Line at CES 2014

Benchmark Reviews met up with FUNC at their suite at the Hard Rock Hotel during CES 2014 to talk about what they’ve been up to. FUNC is a newcomer to the gaming peripherals market and have been working on a complete line of gaming peripherals including a mouse and pad, a keyboard, and a headset. FUNC’s design ideology is centered on functionality perfected; including everything you need in a gaming peripheral and nothing you don’t.

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InWin 901: A Story of Tempered Glass

The Taiwanese hardware manufacturer InWin hit CES 2014 with a slew of new items to announce, and the official availability of one announced a couple of months prior to the show. The story of InWin’s CES 2014 announcement really centered on a single theme: Tempered Glass. Benchmark Reviews stopped by InWin’s booth at CES 2014 to talk about their new cases and to take a look at some other products you might not normally expect from InWin.

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Cooler Master Goes Apples at 2014 CES, Gets HAF Stacked

Along with seemingly everyone else at CES 2014, I caught Cooler Master straying from their PC case and peripheral’s roots and into other areas of interest. Benchmark Reviews visited Cooler Master’s suite at the Palm’s Resort and Casino during CES 2014 and we found some interesting new products that you might not expect to see from the company that brought us the HAF series of cases.

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2014 CES Unveiled

There is a lot of excited stuff happening at CES 2014. I have to be honest, though, while I think 4K Ultra HD is cool, it is also currently way outside of my budget. I’ve seen a lot about LG’s new 4K TVs and curved screens. I think the technology is great, but I can’t afford it this year. At CES Unveiled: 2014, I went it looking for cool new tech that was within my price range and something that I could see myself adopting soon. I found a lot of cool stuff.

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BenQ XL2720Z Gaming Monitor Brings Ultra-Smooth Detail


BenQ XL2720Z Gaming Monitor Brings Ultra-Smooth Detail to Competitive Play Latest XL Series Monitor Introduces RevolutionEyes™ Technology for Exceptional Monitor Performance BenQ America Corp., an internationally renowned provider of visual display solutions, today added the ultra-smooth XL2720Z to its winning arsenal of XL first-person shooter (FPS) purpose-built gaming monitors. Equipped with gaming refresh rate optimization management …

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Corsair Obsidian 250D Mini-ITX Case Announced


Corsair Obsidian 250D Mini-ITX Case Announced Corsair’s Obsidian Series 250D Is Mini-ITX Without Compromise Corsair, a world leader in high-performance components to the PC hardware market, today announced the immediate availability of the Obsidian SeriesTM 250D performance Mini-ITX PC case. Bringing the sophisticated and minimalist design of the Obsidian series to a new smaller size, the …

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Mad Catz R.A.T.TE Gaming Mouse Revealed


Mad Catz R.A.T.TE Gaming Mouse Revealed Tournament Edition R.A.T. Mouse Targets Competitive Gaming Community with Its Ultra Lightweight Chassis and High Speed Performance Mad Catz Interactive, Inc. (“Mad Catz”) (NYSE MKT/TSX: MCZ) announced today the R.A.T.TE (Tournament Edition), a new mouse designed for the professional and competitive gaming community. Expected to ship early 2014 for PC and …

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Corsair Raptor K40 and Raptor M45 Debut


Corsair Raptor K40 and Raptor M45 Debut Corsair Releases Raptor K40 16.8M Color Backlit Gaming Keyboard and M45 5000 DPI Optical Gaming Mouse at CES 2014 Corsair, a worldwide leader in high-perform­­­­­­ance PC gaming hardware and PC components, today unveiled the Raptor K40 RGB LED backlit gaming keyboard and Raptor M45 optical gaming mouse. The …

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Corsair Hydro Series H105 Liquid CPU Cooler Announced


Corsair Hydro Series H105 Liquid CPU Cooler Announced Corsair’s New Hydro Series H105 Liquid CPU Cooler Uses Thicker 240mm Radiator to Enhance Cooling Performance  Corsair, a world leader in high-performance components to the PC hardware market, today announced the all-in-one Hydro Series™ H105 dual-fan 240mm liquid CPU cooler. The H105 is Corsair’s first Hydro Series …

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EVGA TORQ X10 Gaming Mouse Revealed


EVGA TORQ X10 Gaming Mouse Revealed Introducing the EVGA TORQ X10 gaming mouse. Built with the highest quality materials including a real carbon fiber surface, this mouse was designed from the ground up to satisfy the needs of the hardcore gamer with a high quality laser sensor that provides up to 8200 DPI, an adjustable …

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Gigabyte Debuts Aorus Gaming Brand

Gigabyte unveiled a new brand specifically for gamers, called Aorus (pronounced Orus). I was told the “A” is silent. Aorus parts should be available starting the end of February and will launch with the thinnest and lightest GTX SLI gaming laptop available, called the X7. The X7 is customizable and comes loaded with a Core i7 CPU, lots of RAM, up to 2 mSATA SSDs plus an HDD up to 2.5TB. It has a full 1080p 300 nit display powered by two GTX 765M video cards. All that power has to run hot, so Aorus has built a custom cooling solution with 5 heat pipes and side and back vents in addition to the bottom vents to whisk that heat away. You get 5 separate profiles with 5 macro keys each on the X7. The whole package weighs in at just under 6.5lbs and is a mere .9 inches thick.

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AORUS Thunder M7 Mouse and Thunder K7 Keyboard Debut

AORUS, a new brand has challenged the gaming industry with a range of new gaming gears, targeting core gamers and enthusiasts. AORUS believes gamers are yearning for better products that can hopefully turn dreams into reality. By crafting the most innovative gaming devices, AORUS hopes to inspire the gaming community to rethink the nature of gaming.

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