Gigabyte Force M7 Thor Gaming Mouse Review


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Gigabyte Force M7 Thor Laser Gaming Mouse Review

By Jeremy Miller

Manufacturer: Gigabyte
Product Name: Force M7 Thor Laser Gaming Mouse
Model Number: GM-FORCE M7 THOR
UPC: 818313015891 EAN: 4719331547196
Price As Tested: $29.99 (Amazon NewEgg)

Full Disclosure: The product sample used in this article has been self-supplied.

When you first think about Gigabyte’s line of quality products, more than likely a gaming mouse doesn’t come to mind.  However, they have a created a budget mouse targeted at the hardcore gaming crowd that is worthy of praise.  The Gigabyte Force M7 Thor Laser Gaming Mouse comes in at an impressive price point (~$30) and packs quite a few high end features.  The real question is how does it fare against the stiff competition in the gaming peripheral realm?  In this article Benchmark Reviews goes in depth to find out what makes the Force M7 Thor a great budget gaming buying decision!

At first glance, the mouse really shows a beauty that will appear to most gamers.  The matte black finish embellished with the large “THOR” and flashy lightning bolts make it easy on the eyes, yet not over the top to where it would turn off some people.  The laser sensor on the Force M7 Thor is rated at 6,000 dpi which is very high end for such a bargain mouse.  With a reinforced rubberized cable, an awesome ergonomic shape, and large are glide pads this mouse has all the bells and whistles you could hope for.

Gigabyte Force M7 Thor Laser Gaming Mouse

Gigabyte Force M7 Thor Laser Gaming Mouse

I have used this mouse exclusively for the last month, and have used it in both my everyday applications and extensive gaming sessions.  I will detail and outline how it performed as well as show you a few different testing results.  Let the games begin!

Features & Specifications

  • 6,000 dpi  Advanced Gaming Laser Sensor
  • 3-Stage DPI Adjustment
  • Ultra Durable USB Cable
  • 5 Programmable Buttons
  • Non-Slick Coating
  • Gaming Grade Feet Pads


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  1. Jamie Hampton

    Comparing the scores given with the reviewers comments of praise seems to be quite different from what I expected. I think the scores might be more accurate assessment, but don’t correspond to verbal praise.
    In my experience a number rating system is usually not as accurate as personal descriptive rating. For example: the Air Force performance rating was from 1 to 9 each year. No one got less than an 8, (unless they were getting ready to boot you), most got a nine or it was next to impossible to get promoted otherwise. So the descriptive narratives is where the reporting officials would make you shine above others who did the same job as you.
    How did the rating system becomes so bad I do not know. A “5” was suppose to be your normal Joe. 6 being better, 7 even better, 8 excellent, 9 outstanding. As I said most got 9 and so all became outstanding. To give an 8 the person must have did something that couldn’t be whitewashed or hidden from public(military review). If given a 7 you were not even doing your job so you were not wanted and was a way to keep you from getting promoted or able to re-enlist. 1 through 6 never existed unless you really pissed off your reporting supervisor or his supervisor.
    My hardest job was being forced to write a performance review on someone I never met and have only the people who have work with them and their views of his/her work. And any other paper trails available to read.
    What am I saying? That verbal reviews are more descriptive than numbers and I find more useful. Number ratings can be more accurate if used properly. Both if use, should coincide. Don’t give high praise then give a low number rating. It looks stupid.

  2. Jeremy Miller

    Thanks for your input Jamie! I understand your thoughts, however I personally do not see an 8.3 overall score being a “low number rating.” I think anything over an 8 is very, very good! The mouse IS very good, and I have used it a lot. Is it better than more expensive, high quality built gaming mice? Absolutely not. However given its price point, it is an excellent value for a very capable gaming mouse. Thanks again, and your input is noted on the number scale 🙂

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