JDI GoldX USB Optical Wireless Mouse Review


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Final Thoughts & Conclusion on the GoldX Mouse

Final Thoughts

The JDI GoldX USB Optical Wireless mouse Is a bit on the Budget side, but It doesn’t skimp out on features usually found only In mice twice the price. I like how It Is a nice balance of budget and performance. It could easily be used for Internet browsing, games, and other advanced applIcations. Priced under 30 dollars this mouse blows many mice priced around and above It out other the water. The mouse fits comfortably In your hand. Thanks to the ergonomic design. I have rather large hands so most mice don’t fit very well In my hands, like this mouse. My only gripe with this mouse is it does not fill my palm the way it could if it were a bit larger. have about 300 hours of use so far on this set of batteries and the mouse still performs like when I fIrst put them In.


This Mouse review has captured many faces of the JDI GoldX USB Optical Wireless mouse. The performance of this mouse Is no doubt very competitive. It has full features from the connection to the Interface. This mouse will give most so called gaming mice a run for their money. The batteries (which are 2 AAA size) last for a long tIme. This Is most likely due to the advanced wireless technology and the use of an optical sensor. The speed of which input can be transmitted from mouse to computer screen is fast. Not quite as fast as higher end gaming mice but still a good bit faster than other forms of mice and touchpads, this mouse will be a great improvement if you are coming from a ball type mouse or built in touchpad on a laptop.

The appearance of the mouse Is subtle yet edgy. It could be described as having refined lines like that of an exotic car manufactured in a place like italy. Just the perfect combination of rubber and plastic mix together to form a mouse that truly does stand out from most bland budget type mice. The ratio of rubber to plastic coatings gets an A in my book.

It makes use of 2 quality materials, rubberized plastic and glossy plastic. The mouse has a nice feel In the hand and the combination of materials give it that nice look . The mouse Is constructed of mainly plastic, some metal and other materials InsIde comprisIng the computer brainy bits. I have been using the mouse for over 300 hours and It has yet to receive any noticeable blemishes. It Is a pretty rugged mouse for what It Is worth.

Functionally the GoldX mouse excels in multi tasking with its array of 5 button. It is well worthy to note that all buttons come pre programmed with various functions; all of which are useful within windows based operating systems, other applications, and advanced programs. For overall functionalIty this mouse Is hard to beat.

As value goes, this mouse is a great deal for $28.83 at Amazon. It will not hurt your wallet too much. Many other mice can be had at a higher price and yet some of those priced higher don’t even stand a chance placed next to the JDI GoldX USB Optical Wireless Mouse as far as your performance and features per dollar go.


+ Comfortable Ergonomic Design
+ Indexed Scroll Wheel
+ Low Price
+ Cool Style
+ Energy Efficient


– Fairly Small Size
– Rubberized parts smudge with fingerprints easily


  • Performance: 7.00
  • Appearance: 8.00
  • Construction: 7.50
  • Functionality: 7.00
  • Value: 9.50

Final Score: 7.80 out of 10.

COMMENT QUESTION: Is this mouse worth the money?


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