GAMDIAS ZEUS GMS1100 Gaming Mouse Review


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GAMDIAS ZEUS Laser Gaming Mouse Detailed Features

Below is another image of the bottom of the GAMDIAS ZEUS. However, this image shows the number of weights that can be placed inside the mouse. Each of the five weights weigh in at 4.5 g. The weight door is attached to the mouse and has hinges that allow it to open.


At the end of the braided cable, you will find the USB plug. It has a gold-plated connector and the plug itself is very large. You shouldn’t have a problem utilizing adjacent USB ports, but it will probably be a tight squeeze.


Below, you can see the image of a braided cable that is starting to fray. The problem is that the GAMDIAS ZEUS laser gaming mouse has a very small grommet where the cable meets the mouse and that grommet tends to angle the cable down rather than helping it to maintain a position that is parallel to the surface.


The software for the GAMDIAS ZEUS is called the HERA. This is the software used for all GAMDIAS gaming peripherals. It has the common elements we’ve come to expect from a mouse’s GUI, such as having the ability to adjust polling rate, change DPI settings, customize illumination, record macros, manipulate key assignments, etc. However, it has some unique features as well. These features include:

  • Switching GAMDIAS keyboard & mouse profiles simulateneously with one click
  • Creating and assigning sound FX alerts for changes to DPI, profile, sensitivity, or other settings
  • Recording and customizing sound effects / voice messages for use on all GAMDIAS gear
  • Creating macros that combine keyboard, mouse, and instant messaging functions through integrated UI software
  • Sending pre-recorded voice messages to teammates with the push of button


GAMDIAS has stated that one of its objectives is to ensure its devices appeal all gamers, regardless of the skill level. The GAMDIAS ZEUS coupled with the HERA software is a good example of that objective. It is pretty straight forward and easy to use, yet it has features that far more advance gamers will likely utilize.


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