Phanteks Enthoo Primo Case Review


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Phanteks Enthoo Primo Overview

The Phanteks Enthoo Primo computer case boasts a modern, minimalist design: it looks cool and futuristic while maintaining simplicity. It’s full black, brushed aluminum aluminum body adds a sense of sophistication, and the blue led running along the face to the top make’s it looks like something you would find in Bruce Wayne’s residence.


This case is about as big as they get, it is huge! Standing at about 2 feet, it is 2 inches shy of the 900D’s height. Anyone in the market for a case such as this would most likely be filling it with some serious hardware, Phankteks has taken that into consideration and provided a large glass window side panel to show it off.


The Enthoo Primo will certainly turn a lot of heads with it’s unique off-center design. The lower section of the front panel acts an intake and dust filters for the two 140mm fans behind it.


The right side panel can be fitted with 2 120/140mm fans or a radiator for a water-cooled system provided one of the hard drive cages are removed. It also has a vent for PSU air intake.


The Enthoo Primo features a shield for all the storage devices. Immediately to the left of it is a mounting bracket for water reservoirs that can be removed to allow for clearance of longer graphic cards.
Thick rubber pads are fastened to the Enthoo Primo’s underside to ensure that this behemoth of a case won’t be accidentally pushed around .


When it comes to case fans, the Phanteks PH-F140SP is just about the best you can get; they offer efficient cooling at low noise levels. Phanteks have included five of them with the Enthoo Primo, 2 blue led, and 3 regular ones.


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