Bloody B820R RGB Gaming Keyboard Review


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B820R Light Strike RGB Animation Gaming Keyboard Overview

Upon removing the keyboard from the box,  it was immediately apparent how well put together this keyboard is. A hefty aluminum top plate is it’s defining feature, with an excellent brushed paint job. I don’t have any trouble believing this keyboard will stand up the wear and tear Bloody Gaming believes it will. Now, I didn’t actually pour water onto the keyboard to test the nano-coating and “smart water flow” system, but if anyone has, let us know!

B820R Gaming Keyboard Design

Concerning the RGB led’s, I was please to find them to be quite bright and attractive. By default, you have six presets built into the keyboard you can toggle between using the FN+F12 keys, including chroma, RGB (wave, breathe, random animations), and static RGB. Installing the KeyDominator 1 software will grant another 10 presets plus the ability to customize your own. Possibly my favorite feature is that the LEDs are not hidden in the switch or key – they actually rest on the surface of the board. This, coupled with the raised keys and reflective surfaces creates very nice effect across the whole board. Look at the photo below to get a better idea of what I mean, even if it honestly doesn’t do it justice.

B820R Gaming Keyboard Full w/ LEDS

Pressing any key produces what Bloody calls an “Exclusive Long Lasting Typing Sound.” We obviously can’t test this keyboard for several years to see if it retains the sound, but it is audibly similar to that of a Cherry Blue or even Cherry Green switch.

B820R Gaming Keyboard Sound Tech

Finally, eight orange replacement caps are included if you want them (although I will say they don’t work well with the LED effects).

B820R Gaming Keyboard Accessories

In the next section, we’ll take a brief look at Bloody Gaming’s KeyDominator utility and the RGB editing options.


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    The pop-up menu titles for this review need to be updated to match the hardware…

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