Corsair K70 LUX RGB Keyboard Review


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Mechanical Keyboard Closer Look

While the Corsair K70 LUX RGB is available with Cherry MX Red, Blue, or Brown switches, our review sample was the gamer-preferred red variant.

Cherry’s new clear switch housing works with the internal LED to diffuse the light more evenly than the older top-mounted LED design. The result is a more even lighting with softer “edges”, but the lower legends on keys still won’t be as brightly lit as the upper keys (notice the dimmer shifted symbols on the number keys in the image below).


As with other K70 keyboards, the thick metal key switch mounting plate serves as the top of the keyboard; there’s no separate, raised plastic bezel. This gives the keys an attractive “floating” look and makes cleaning detritus out of the keyboard easier.


Corsair provides a plastic key cap puller and alternate key caps for WASD and QWERDF for FPS and MOBA gamers. The alternate caps have textured grey rubber faces and are contoured to keep your fingers in place during intense play. In this shot you can also see that the space bar is also textured, although the texture is cast into the plastic and is not a separate rubberized layer.


The very thick USB cable ends can be a little crowded when plugged into adjacent USB ports; additionally, the sleeved cable itself is relatively inflexible and hard to route cleanly on your desktop.


In the next section I’ll cover the Corsair Utility Engine software you’ll need to fully utilize this keyboard.


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