Corsair HD120 RGB PWM Fan Kit Review


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Closer Look: HD120RGB Fan Pack

The Corsair HD120 RGB three fan pack comes with three fans, a fan hub, a three-button controller, and an extension cable for connecting your own switches if you can’t position the controller in an easily accessible area. This kit sells online for $84.99 (Amazon | Newegg).

The rim of each fan is surrounded with 12 RGB LEDs and a plastic diffuser assembly. The fan blades are a translucent, frosted white plastic to spread the light.

Each fan has two four-pin cables: a standard PWM cable for connecting to a fan header on your motherboard, and a separate four-pin cable to connect to the RGB LED controller.

The small hub has a SATA power connector you’ll need to attach in your system to provide power for the LEDs, and can control up to six fans. The unlabelled connector at the right of this image is for the controller switch.

The three-button controller lets you select the fan color, display mode, and speed (for modes that pulse, strobe, or “breathe”).

In the next section I’ll install two of these fans for the 2×120 radiator in my system.


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