Reeven Polariz RFC-4 Fan Controller Review


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Fan Controller Final Thoughts

Many PC fan controllers are designed with multicolored LCD displays and complex controls that imply they perform a much more complex function than fan speed control and monitoring.The RFC-4 has a minimalist elegant design that still manages to add a sophisticated appearance to a desktop PC.

The RFC-4 packs a lot of functionality, control and display information is a relatively small space. Once installed, it is very easy to identify a hot spot and crank up the corresponding fan speed. Having the RPM, voltage and temperature displayed within one control is very clever and lends itself to intuitive operation.

The cool factor of the control layout is a real selling point for this product. The white LED display on a dashboard type black control knob will appeal to a lot of system builders.

This product would be ideal in a larger PC case where the core CPU and chassis fans are under motherboard control, but there is a need to occasionally crank up the airflow when a power hungry task such as video editing or high resolution gaming is undertaken.

Polariz RFC-4 Conclusion

The RFC-4 is definitely a good looking addition to any PC rig, and it will not disappoint when it comes to performance. Excellent use is made of the space required for the hardware, and the product delivers on the promised functionality.

The Polariz RFC-4 is very solid in construction, and will fit snugly into any available 5.25″ drive bay. The only potential snag during installation can come from not following the proper sequence of cable connection. Installation documentation is very good with universal pictographs identifying the proper steps to take for installation.

As of March 2017, the Reeven Polariz RFC-4 was available online for $52.99 (Newegg). This is a little on the expensive side for a fan controller, so make sure it will support everything you need for your next build.

The Reeven Polariz RFC-4 is a unique product that provides a real style upgrade to a PC build while delivering excellent performance and a highly readable display. Provided the computer case has an available 5.25″ bay, adding the Polariz RFC-4 fan controller is the easiest way to add some sophisticated and well engineered style to a desktop PC build.

Pros:Benchmark Reviews Silver Tachometer Award Logo (Small: Web Ready)

+ Very stylish design
+ Very responsive control
+ Clear display of fan parameters and temperature
+ Generous inclusion of fan cables and sensors
+ Solid control feel


– Cable installation sequence is critical
– Matt black finish is easy to scratch


  • Performance: 8.50
  • Appearance: 9.50
  • Construction: 9.00
  • Functionality: 8.50
  • Value: 8.00

Final Score 8.7 out of 10.

Quality Recognition: Benchmark Reviews Silver Tachometer Award.


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