Reeven Polariz RFC-4 Fan Controller Review


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Polariz RFC-4 Detailed Features

The painted surface of the CPU is matte black to integrate with the color scheme of most desktop PC’s. Unfortunately, like most products with this type of finish the paint is easily marred and scratched during insertion into the PC frame.

Physical installation of the unit is straightforward provided you have an available 5.25″ bay available on your PC.

The addition of three temperature sensors with long cables with clear channel markings adds to the ease of installation of the unit. These sensor components can be placed strategically around the PC interior, or even the PC exterior to provide temperature measurement.

Rear connectors are very easily identified, and the cables provided with the device are neatly marked at the attached device end to show which channel the cable is associated with.

A SATA power cable is not provided, so it is up to the user to have a spare SATA power cable available for the primary power of the unit.

The DIP switches are accessible on the back of the unit to allow selection of Celsius or Fahrenheit display and a selection for alarm activation when the fan stalls. A separate header is available for global alarm deactivation.

Once installed, the unit lights up with only the connected fan and sensor data displayed. If a fan is not connected to a channel, the RPM display is blanked and the voltage shows as zero volts.

At this point the unit is ready for operation and the dials can be adjusted for a balance between fan noise and cooling capability.


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