Gamdias Hermes E1 & Demeter E2 Review


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Testing and Results

Hermes E1 Keyboard

The Hermes E1 mechanical keyboard felt great to type on and the Gamdias Blue mechanical switches did not feel any different than Cherry MX blue switches. Its aluminum frame prevented the body of the keyboard from flexing, making it very durable. As expected, each key registered perfectly except for the secondary Windows key and the scroll lock LED. The scroll lock LED did not exist as it was replaced with the Game Mode LED. With the Windows key disabled, the Game Mode LED would come on.

As for gaming performance, this keyboard performed well thanks to the tactile feedback from the blue mechanical switches and the 1000 Hz polling rate. Although blue mechanical switches are not the best switches for gaming to some, I personally prefer them as they require a bit more force to actuate when compared to red switches.

Like the Gamdias Hermes Lite mechanical gaming combo from last year, I could not get more than 10 keys to register at the same time. The Hermes E1 was in 21-key rollover mode, but it still gave me problems in game. For example, the keyboard would not register the V key if S and D were being pressed. I had to quickly release one of those keys just to get V to register. This problem did not occur only to this combination of keys, but on others as well.

The LED’s were very bright causing the keys to illuminate nicely. There was a small opening in the clear switch housing to allow the light to flow directly upwards towards the key cap. Comparing the switch housing to the Hermes P1 RGB, the Hermes E1 had a foggier look to it. This allowed the light to spread more evenly around the switch.

Demeter E2 Mouse

The Demeter E2 performed fairly well due to its 3200 DPI optical sensor. It had a 125 Hz polling rate, but it did suffer from acceleration. I was unable to perform fast flicks without having the mouse spin out. I play competitively, so I noticed quite a difference between the Demeter E2 and my Zeus P1. The sensor performed very similarly to the one in the Zeus E1, but the Demeter E2 did not spin out as easily. This mouse performed best in simple games like League of Legends, Dota, and non-competitive FPS games. But as an entry level product for someone who is new to PC gaming, the Demeter E2 is a great product. Of course, you may always upgrade later.

Button Response and Placement

I liked the placement of the side buttons as they were easily accessible with my thumb. They responded well but felt very mushy. I noticed when holding down the left mouse button while pressing the backwards side button, the backwards side button does not register. It would only register when the left mouse button was released. I had no problems with any other button combination.


Lighting effects are pretty basic with its pulsing effect. The Demeter E2 pulsed between red, blue, and violet colors. Mouse performance and lighting settings could not be adjusted since there was no software support.

Size Comparison with Other Mice

The Demeter E2 was slightly larger than the Ventus R gaming mouse, but smaller than the Zeus E1. It also had a more aggressive body design compared to the other two entry level gaming mice. It felt somewhat similar to the Ventus R, but the surface had a lot of angles making it less comfortable. The Ventus R was also noticeably lighter. The Demeter E2 was much heavier in the rear than it was in the front. This could cause some grip issues when lifting up the mouse. The Zeus E1 was just a few grams heavier, and its body design was smoother and more suitable for medium to larger hands. With the smaller body shape on the Demeter E2, I was able to play fairly well since I had medium-sized hands.

NYX E1 Mouse Pad

The NXY E1 was a great compliment to this gaming combo. It was about the same size to a generic mouse pad you would normally find at your local retail store. The cloth surface felt nice and allowed great tracking performance even with an enthusiast grade product. It may not be the largest mouse pad, but some people would be very thankful to have it. As a free product, especially if you are new to PC gaming, you cannot go wrong with the NYX E1. At least you can start gaming while your friend is out shopping for a mouse pad because their combo did not come with one.
Let’s go into my final thoughts and end this review with my conclusion in the next section.


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