Gamdias Hermes E1 & Demeter E2 Review


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Demeter E2 Mouse Features

Taking a look at the top of the mouse, it has an ambidextrous body design built for both left and right-handed players. We can see the standard left and right buttons along with a rubberized scroll wheel. There is a large button at the top for DPI toggling and the switches have a 1 million click life cycle. Towards the rear is the Gamdias logo with some light strips on the palm area.

At the bottom of the Demeter E2, there are four glide pads for smooth tracking. We can see the 3200 DPI optical sensor located in towards the center of the mouse.

The left side of the Demeter E2 includes two side buttons for forward and backward controls. There are two light strips that go from the front to the rear of the mouse.

The other side of the mouse is identical to the left side except for the missing buttons.

At the front of the Demeter E2, the braided USB cable attaches to the center of the mouse. The rubberized scroll wheel does illuminate when there is power to the mouse.

The rear has a glossy surface with the Gamdias branding logo. Here we can see the thumb and little finger rest area on both sides of the mouse.

Let’s take a look at the Hera software in the next section.


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