Gamdias Hermes P1 Keyboard Review


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Gamdias Hermes P1 RGB Keyboard: Detailed Features

The Hermes P1 RGB has very similar controls to the Hermes RGB I reviewed earlier this year. It has the ability to switch between six different profiles via the 1-6 keys. These profiles can store different lighting effects and macro functions. Keys F2 and F3 are media control keys, while F4 lets the user swap the WASD keys for the arrow keys. The secondary functions have a white coating and will not illuminate with the primary function.


Here we have some media control keys. F5 is the play/pause button, while F6-F8 are the volume control buttons.


Recording macros on-the-fly can be done by pressing the Fn key with the F9 button. The Hera software needs to be running in order for it to record. F11 lets the user lock the entire keyboard to prevent any keys from registering. This is a useful feature to have for video and photo editing.


Like the Hermes RGB, the Hermes P1 RGB does allow the user to access a few pre-programmed lighting effects straight from the keyboard. These pre-programmed lighting effects include wave, slide in, and rotation.


No dedicated macro keys are present on the Hermes P1 RGB. Instead, it uses the B (G2) and space bar (G1) as macro keys.


Removing the key caps reveals the switches in a clear switch housing. A clear switch housing allows light to spread more evenly across the surface. These are TTC blue mechanical switches rated at 50 million clicks. For most computer users, these switches should feel about the same as any mechanical keyboard with Cherry MX blue switches.


There is a firm grip to the surface thanks to the five rubberized grips on the bottom of the keyboard.


Flipping out the feet does give some extra height to the keyboard and the rubberized pads on the two feet allows for a better overall grip.


At the time of this review, the Gamdias Hera software does not support the Hermes P1 RGB. In the next section, let’s take a look at how well this keyboard performs.


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