Archeer Foldable Solar Charger Review


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Solar Charger Use and Function

Since LCD screens used in phones and other devices tend not to work well when they get too hot (or cold), the AC-SC-21 is designed to allow most phones and devices smaller than tablet computers to fit into the pouch while charging. In this example I’m using an iPhone 6S Plus, so larger “phablet”-style phones will fit just fine.


This isn’t the best time of year to test a solar charger: the sun’s lower in the sky than it is in summer, so the sun’s rays have to punch through more atmosphere. Still, I was able to draw 4.9V at 1.65 amps from one of the charger’s two outlets (I couldn’t check both since I only had one USB current meter), so I’d expect to achieve Archeer’s 1.8 amp spec in the summer.


Bear in mind, though, that this is a best-case scenario: cloudless day with the sun high in the sky. Indoors, in a brightly lit room with unshaded windows at the same time of day, the performance is much less: a mere 0.08 amps. This is just enough so that my phone indicated it was charging, technically, but it would take days to top off at this rate. Indoor use of this device simply isn’t practical, although a sunny window sill might provide an hour or two of decent amperage.


In the next section I’ll present my final thoughts and conclusion on this interesting product.


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    Would love to get my hands on this. Like to know if they (this company) are looking into more “powerful” solar panels for future iterations of this hardware. I did some studies years ago on nano solar panels on how a 1×1″ solar panel coated with nanotechnology is far superior to a solar panel that is ten times its size.

    Come on technology’s…!..!

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