Tt eSPORTS Ventus R Gaming Mouse Review


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Tt eSPORTS Ventus R: Software

The Ventus R gaming software is very straight forward and simple to use. Upon opening the software, you may have to update the firmware on the mouse. Once updated, you can customize the button assignments, lighting effects, and sensor performance. These settings can then be saved to the five separate profiles. Profiles can also be renamed, edited, imported, and exported.


The Key Assignment menu can reassign mouse functions. A new window will come up asking which function you would like to assign to the button. The Single Key drop down menu lets you choose between a few key assignments.


The Mouse Function drop down menu lets you assign mouse functions as well as media controls.


Keyboard Function lets you assign a few keyboard keys to the mouse buttons.


Up to four DPI levels can be enabled in Performance. You can adjust the DPI levels in increments of 100. There are settings for the sensor, poling rate, and button response time. Angle snapping and lift-off distance cannot be tuned with the Ventus R.


There are a few lighting effects to choose from in the Light Option window. You can set the LED’s to static color, pulse, or spectrum. Each effect has their own brightness and speediness controls. Unlike the Ventus Z I reviewed earlier this year, the Ventus R lets you adjust the LED color to the scroll wheel and the rear logo separately. Lighting effects can then be stored on the 256K of onboard memory. This means the software does not need to run in order to animate lighting effects.


The Macro Setting window lets you record macro functions. Here you can record mouse and keyboard keystrokes as well as insert and delete recorded keys. Macros can be imported and exported and can be assigned to any of the five buttons on the mouse. With five separate profiles, the Ventus R may store up to 25 different macros with its 256K onboard memory and an ARM based 32-bit microcontroller.

Thermaltake Ventus R Macro Settings

In the next section, we will take a look at how the Ventus R performs.


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  1. kzinti1

    “But in the end, the choice is really up to you to decide which mice you want to purchase.”
    I’ve never had a reviewer give me this choice before now.
    Nor, any reason to.

    1. Meng Vang

      Different people expect different things out from a gaming mice, so my personal preference may be different from yours. I don’t want to push someone into buying a specific product unless it meets their needs. If the product suits your needs, then great. If it doesn’t, you have other options to choose from.

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