Kingston Industrial Temperature MicroSD Review


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Kingston Industrial Temperature MicroSD Overview

We’ll take a look at the Kingston Industrial Temperature MicroSD and go over a few of it’s features.


The Industrial Temperature MicroSD comes with an adapter for use with devices that require full size SD cards. The packaging is no frills and straight to the point.


Out of the package we can get a closer look at the Industrial Temperature MicroSD and it’s adapter. We can clearly see it is marked as MicroSDXC, with UHS-I class speed 1.

That’s all great and dandy, but what does that mean? SDXC, where the ‘XC’ part stands for ‘extended capacity.’ The ‘UHS-I’ stands for ‘ultra high speed interface.’ With the speed class 1 rating meaning it must sustain a minimum speed of 10 MB/s. That is important mainly for streaming devices such as camcorders so that there is no loss in frames, which would result in choppy playback. Even high megapixel cameras will require a certain speed rating for high resolutions and burst mode shooting.

The Industrial Temperature MicroSD is fast enough for 1080p video recording. You should pay close attention to those speed and capacities to make sure whatever device you are using is compatible with the cards rating before purchasing.


A look at the reverse side of the Industrial Temperature and it’s accompanying adapter you can see the contacts that will interface with your device. Those contacts are pretty durable and rated for a minimum of 10,000 insertions.


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  1. JuanPC

    industrial temperature is 105°C, 85°C rating is “standard” for capacitors, intel CPU´s safe limit is 81°C, memory is sensible to temperature, example; OCZ Agility 4 self shutdowns when temperatures are high, also others, Samsung 850 Pro uses the aluminium case as a shell, not as a heatsink, probably because other components in a laptop could overheat the memory.
    Anyway… U1 is not fast enough to record video at 100Mbps.
    U3 required.
    hdtune not tested?

  2. Jason Maxfield

    The information on Kingston’s site and it’s data sheet says 85°C. That’s why it’s in the article. Since this information is from Kingston directly, I would consult with them if you think this is an error.

    I do not own HD Tune, and the free trial version does not include write benchmarks.

    I’m not sure why you would comment that U1 is not fast enough for recording video at 100Mbps. I never stated it would write that fast, nor did any of my benchmarks.

    Clearly, U1 is designed to handle 1080p. My Canon camera and ZTE smart phone recorded 1080p video just fine @30fps. U3 would be needed for 4K and probably 1080p @60FPS.

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