Lian Li PC-M25A Micro-ATX Case Review


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Lian Li PC-M25A Overview

The Lian Li PC-M25A comes with plenty of accessories. Inside the box, there are two brackets for installing up to two 3.5″ HDDs. 10 anti-vibration strips for 3.5″ HDDs, two female side panel clips, two cable ties, and 12 anti-vibration HDD and SSD rings are also included. In terms of screws, there are 17 HDD and PSU mounting screws, eight motherboard screws, 28 additional 3.5″ HDD screws, and 12 M3 x 9.5mm screws for 2.5″ HDDs. A motherboard speaker is also included should you need that.

Lian Li PC-M25 Accessories

The aluminum body of the PC-M25A gives the case a premium look and feel. There is nothing too special about the looks except for the beautiful brushed aluminum finish. Only the power button and the Lian Li branding logo are found at the front of the case.

Lian Li PC-M25 Front

The left and right side panels are the same in terms of ventilation and appearance. No side panel window is present with the PC-M25A. There are a few ventilation gaps closer at the front of the case to allow some airflow to the front 140mm intake fan. Do note that both side panels are not interchangeable.

Lian Li PC-M25 Side Panel

The PC-M25A can support a standard micro-ATX and mini-ITX motherboard. It accomplishes this by placing the power supply mount in the area where an exhaust fan would go. This reduces the height of the case overall, but only CPU coolers 80mm high can be installed.

Lian Li PC-M25 Rear

The top of the case maintains the same brushed aluminum finish along with a 120mm exhaust fan towards the rear of the case. There is a dust filter over the fan to prevent dust from entering the system.

Lian Li PC-M25 Top

A dust filter is positioned underneath the case and it can be easily removed for cleaning. There are no fan mounts here to mount a fan.

Lian Li PC-M25 Bottom

In the next section, let’s go over some detailed features about the PC-M25A case.


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1 comment

  1. Caring1

    Great looking case that seems to be missing some essentials like external ports on the front.
    Also it seems the PSU placement was an afterthought, and could have been better positioned.
    Overall this is better suited as a home network storage device than a P.C.

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