be quiet! Dark Base Pro 900 Review


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be quiet! Dark Base Pro 900 Detailed Features Cont’d

This case is loaded with so many features, we needed to extend the Detailed Features onto another page.


With the left side panel removed, you’ll see a copious amount of sound dampening. This sound dampening is only on the front and left side panels, but it is a welcomed addition as glass paneled cases generally tend to be loud.


Now we get to one of the oddities about this case, the PSU mounting bracket. To mount a PSU properly in this case, you’ll need to loosen 4 screws on the bottom of the bracket, 2 screws on the side, pull the bracket out and mount the PSU with another 4 screws, then place it back in. The PSU bracket is adjustable for left and right depending on if you use this case in the default ATX configuration or a reverse ATX configuration. The PSU bracket is also adjustable front to back, though I cannot figure why you’d need to space it further away from the rear of the case.


Inside the Dark Base Pro 900, you’ll see the grommets are silver, matching that of the trim on the outside. You’ll also notice seven 3.5″/2.5″ drive bays. Each drive bay is removable via three thumb screws and can accommodate two 2.5″ drives (top and bottom). If you choose to utilize the pump mounting bracket, it mounts to the top of one of the drive bay cages.


With the left side panel removed, you’ll see the cable management, the thumbscrews for removing each of the seven 3.5″/2.5″ drive bays and a single SSD mount behind the motherboard. There is plenty of room behind the motherboard to accommodate your cable management.


The PWM fan controller is also the LED controller for the included LED strips. Be mindful of which ports you plug it in to as they are specific for either fans or LEDs. The SSD mount is made in a slightly odd way, instead of mounting the SSD between the bracket and the motherboard, you actually mount it on the outside of the bracket. This does leave room to run cables through the bracket for cable management and/or for the SSD power and data cables.


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  1. Caring1

    Nice case even if it is bigger than most people require.
    One thing I dislike that seems to be a recurring theme in cases is the vents above the PCI slot brackets, IMO this should be filled in and solid. It is detrimental to positive case pressure and desired air flow.

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