G.SKILL Ripjaws MX780 Gaming Mouse Review


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G. SKILL Ripjaws MX780 Overview

Delivered in a “presentation box”, the MX780 certainly shows well.


The mouse has the “exploded industrial design” aesthetic that’s become popular of late. Although it appears to have a metal frame, the silver parts are actually plastic. The parts of the mouse your hand touches– the main buttons, palm rest, and side grips– are coated in a fingerprint-resistant rubberized material. Note the two thumb buttons under the edge of the left mouse button.


The right side of the mouse is identical to the left side, including the two buttons under the right mouse button. The textured side grips is slightly different, but…


…the side grips are attached magnetically and you can easily swap the right-hand-oriented grips for left-hand versions in just a few seconds.


The bottom of the mouse actually is metal (apparently brushed aluminum) and showcases the laser sensor and a hex screw for adjusting the height of the palm rest.


The included accessories comprise replacement left and right grips, two 4.5g weights, and an adjusting tool for the palm rest height.


The braided, 1.8M USB cable appears to have the requisite gold-plated USB cable, but G. SKILL doesn’t call this out in their specifications, so maybe it’s not.

gskill_ripjaws_780_usbLet’s check out the utility software for the Ripjaws MX780 in the next section.


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