Tt eSPORTS Ventus Z Gaming Mouse Review


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Tt eSPORTS Ventus Z: Detailed Features

Taking a look at the top of the mouse, we can see the standard left and right buttons along with a rubberized scroll wheel and two buttons for on-the-fly DPI switching. Both the left and right click buttons have OMRON switches, which are rated at 20 million clicks. Towards the rear is the ventilation system with a honeycomb design in order to cool down sweaty palms. Underneath the ventilation system is the Tt eSPORTS dragon logo, which is RGB capable and illuminates when there is power to the mouse.

Thermaltake Ventus Z Top

On the bottom, there are three Teflon glide pads around the surface of the mouse to allow it to glide smoothly on a flat surface. The weight system is placed towards the rear of the mouse and the Avago 9500 laser sensor is more bias to the front of the mouse.

Thermaltake Ventus Z Bottom

On the left side of the Ventus Z, there are two buttons for forward and backward controls. There are two more buttons closer to the front of the mouse as well as a sniper button by the thumb rest area. DPI settings can change on-the-fly using the sniper button. There are no rubberized grips on the side, but the curved body design of the mouse should still allow a decent grip to the user.

Thermaltake Ventus Z Left Side

The opposite side of the Ventus Z is plain with no grips or side buttons.

Thermaltake Ventus Z Right Side

At the front, we can see the braided USB cable attaches to the center of the mouse. The scroll wheel is RGB capable and will illuminate when there is power to the mouse.

Thermaltake Ventus Z Front

Aside from the ventilation system, the palm rest of the Ventus Z maintains a smooth design to accommodate the shape of the hand. The thumb rest can also be used to help grip the mouse.

Thermaltake Ventus Z Rear

Let’s take a closer look at the Ventus Z in the next section.


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