Bloody B188 Light Strike Keyboard Review


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B188 Light Strike Keyboard Overview

Unlike the Bloody B720, the B188 Benchmark Reviews received uses a European layout with a large ISO-style Enter key. Since the double-shot keys use transparent legends, the key markings are hard to see without the backlighting turned on.


The back of the keyboard is blank except for the fold-out support feet.


The nicely-sleeved USB cable is not detachable, and thankfully does not waste any money gold-plating the USB connector.


This is a “hybrid” keyboard. Most of the keys, such as the (removed) “T” key here, use standard rubber-dome switches. The eight gaming keys– Q,W,E,R and A,S,D,F– use Bloody’s Light Strike infrared optical switches for the best feel and response when gaming. This dual-switch design has other consequences: first, the feel of the 8 Light Strike gaming keys is dramatically different from that of the remaining rubber-dome keys, which can be a little jarring when typing. Second, the gaming keys use standard Cherry MX-mount key caps, while the other keys do not, meaning that you can’t easily replace all the key caps. Since the Light Strike keys use a top-mounted LED, the letters on those keys are above the letters on the rest of the keys: compare the “F” and “G” keys in the image belo.w


Also, the key backlighting is different: the gaming keys have individual blue LEDs, while the other keys rely on an electroluminescent lighting that can vary between blue, teal, and green.


Overall, the EL backlighting is smooth, even, and much brighter than the backlighting of the B720.


Since, like the B720, the B188 eschews a standard top plate bezel around the keys, the white plastic support structure is clearly visible and looks a little jarring with the backlighting off.


Like many other keyboards (but unlike the much more expensive B720), the B188 provides basic media playback and volume control via Fn-shifted function keys.


Let’s check out the keyboard utility software in the next section…


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