Bloody B720 Light Strike Keyboard Review


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Bloody B720 Light Strike Overview

The Bloody B720 Light Strike keyboard has a no-bezel design with the case cut as close to the keys as possible. This minimizes the size of the full 104-key keyboard.


The back of the keyboard contains only the product label and fold-out feet.


The sleeved USB cable is permanently attached to the rear of the keyboard. There are no USB pass-through ports.


Bloody’s proprietary infrared key switches have standard Cherry MX stems and a backlight LED at the top of the switch. Note the raised 6mm “brim” around the periphery of the actual switch mechanism: Bloody says this will help prevent liquid spills from getting inside the key.


A palm rest fits in a recess on the left of the keyboard, and the “gaming keys” have separate silicone rubberized key caps. A key cap puller and standard replacement keys are provided if the rubbery orange keys are not to your taste.


Each horizontal row of keys is backlit in a different color. From the bottom row, the colors are purple, red, blue, green, yellow, and orange for the function keys. The brightness of the backlighting can be adjusted, but even the brightest setting is noticeably dimmer than most other illuminated keyboards.


Let’s check out the utility software in the next section.


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