Zalman Z9 Neo Case Review


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Zalman Z9 Neo White ATX Mid-Tower Case Review

By Jason Vaught

Manufacturer: Zalman Tech Co, LTD
Product Name: ATX Mid Tower Case Z9 NEO
Model Number: Z9 Neo White
UPC: 823884208108 EAN: 8809213768446
Price As Tested: $79.99 (Amazon | NewEgg)

Full Disclosure: The product sample used in this article has been provided by Zalman.

Zalman, the once king of aftermarket CPU coolers, has added another case to their Z series of gaming and enthusiast mid-tower cases. The Z9 Neo is a mid-tower case that pairs a simple design with useful aesthetics all while trying to maintain an affordable price tag.

The Zalman Z9 Neo comes in two colors, black and white. In this review, I’ll be taking a look at the white version of this case. Arguably the more attractive version of the two available options, the Z9 Neo White hopes to throw it’s hat into the affordable mid-tower arena.

Unlike it’s predecessors in the Z-series line, the Z9 Neo comes with a full length front panel door. Now if your old school, as I am, you probably shutter at the mere mention of a computer case having a door. But over the years, especially with the rise in digital mediums and digital distribution, I find myself using 5.25″ drives less and less. So cases with doors have become attractive again, as they are pleasing to the eye and still offer the option of having a couple of 5.25″ bay devices at your disposal. In this article, Benchmark Reviews dives in deep to determine if this case is a worthy contender for your money.

Zalman Z9 Neo White Case

Features & Specifications



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1 comment

  1. Caring1

    Having a one piece “sash” makes it hard to remove the drive cage and use that free space.
    I feel they could have made it in two parts so removing the front section leaves the rear to cover the PSU.
    I quite like the design and could easily see myself using it in a build.

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