Antec AMP SP1 Portable Wireless Bluetooth Speaker Review


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Antec SP1 Testing & Results

Testing Methodology

The Antec SP1 was used over a period of 3 weeks in various activities including a week of usage as the main computer speaker, and as a music player paired with iPod and Windows Phone 8.


Every mobile speaker has a few areas to contest in terms of performance. This includes battery life, audio quality, and volume. I’ll go through each of these in this section.

The Antec SP1 needs an initial charge for it to function. A full charge from empty battery took about 2.5-3 hours. This is pretty standard as it only comes with a USB charger. This is slightly annoying as some vacation trips I wouldn’t bother bringing a laptop but I would like to enjoy some music. This probably doesn’t matter for majority of customers. Once charged the LED light will indicate it to you. Using as a regular speaker on average PC speaker volume, I got about 2-3 hours of standby plus 8-10 hours of gaming/TV shows/music. This is indication of a good battery life. Of course regular speaker usage is much lighter than blasting at full volume out in an open field via Bluetooth connection. This will usually last shorter.

Functionality-wise, the Bluetooth pairing works great. If you have a device paired, even if both are turned off, when resumed it’ll automatically connect. If you want to switch between devices however, you’ll need to re-pair by pressing the top center button on the Antec SP1.

The audio quality on the SP1 is very impressive. It doesn’t overly amplify the bass, delivering a balanced audio even at high volumes. Even at top volume there’s not much degradation of quality or static. It is louder the competing products like the Jambox, roughly equivalent to JBL flip. Bass is another popular “feature” that’s looked for. This is a grey area as the Jambox delivers a BOOMING bass. Standing next to a Jambox at max volume, you’ll feel your heart pounding like you’re at a club. The Antec SP1 is noticeably louder but it doesn’t crank up the bass. The SP1 is a much better indoor speaker (if you want to use it as a dock), as for outdoors, it is purely personal preference. This comparison is the same as comparing the Bose QC15 vs. Beats Studio.

The next part is the phone capabilities. When a call comes through, you’ll hear a custom Antec ringtone that gets played. A single tap to the top center button picks up the phone. You’ll be able to use the built-in mic to respond to calls. The mic is able to pick up sound pretty clearly from about 2 feet away, starting at 3 feet the quality/volume start going downhill. The voice came through pretty clear. It’s actually quite nice as a speaker phone.

Overall the Antec SP1 Bluetooth mobile speaker performs great. I was impressed as I didn’t find any real issues with it, and for its price-point, it has a solid competitive selling points.


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