Antec AMP SP1 Portable Wireless Bluetooth Speaker Review


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 Closer Look: Antec SP1

The Antec SP1 is one of the smaller speakers on the market. Ever since Jawbone released its Jambox series, numerous manufactures have adopted the rectangular box shape. Antec is no different. To be fair, this design is simple, elegant, and easy to carry and use.

The packaging is very neat, almost apple-esque. Included in the package are the Antec SP1 Bluetooth speaker, a USB charging cable, an 3.5mm audio cable, manuals and instructions.


The Antec SP1 is roughly 158(H) x 41(W) x 62(D) mm, or 6.2″ x 1.6″ x 2.4″, and comes at 0.38 kg or 0.8 lbs. That’s incredibly light and portable. It pretty much fits into any sports jacket pockets. The outer body is surrounded by anti-slip rubber to help protect against damages and falls. There are 2 speakers located inside, however, like all mobile speakers of this size, is designed to be more of a mono speaker rather than stereo. Some competitors market their products as stereo output such as JBL labs but the result is typically not noticeable.


The Antec SP1 needs to face the correct direction for optimal sound. In order to help distinguish the back from the front, they’ve molded it slightly into a speaker phone shape where the front is wider than the back. This helps you intuitively pick the correct direction.


The entire rubber ring is a solid piece with no gaps except for the side ports. There you’ll find a 3.5mm audio jack as well as a port for charging. The on/off switch lights up in different patterns to let user know battery and charging status as well as indicating whether the device is in pairing mode.


The top of the Antec SP1 has 3 buttons, 2 for volume and 1 center button for pairing devices and answer calls. When using the volume controls, they give short beep to let you know the current volume or if the max volume has been hit.


The Antec SP1 looks great on paper and is a beautiful device. The construction is solid and flawless. In the next section Benchmark Reviews will test out the device and see how it performs.


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