Motorola DROID RAZR MAXX HD 4G Smartphone Review


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Android Final Thoughts

Google’s Android OS is the most popular smartphone operating system on the planet right now, mainly because it gained a significant advantage in the last two years. In 2011 it hit 50% market share, and in the waning months of 2012 three out of every four smartphones sold were based on Android. The acceleration curve for mobile computing is driving a winner-take-all market situation that favors Google’s diverse mobile ecosystem over Apple’s Garden of Eden. Motorola Mobility represents a big chunk of that Android bionetwork, and they have a rich history of innovative, high quality products, along with a loyal user base. You wouldn’t think brand loyalty would be a factor in this market, but when “your” brand keeps kicking out top-tier products, it makes your purchase decisions pretty easy.


Technology is improving at an exponential rate, even though we usually experience the change in such small time slices that we don’t notice. Some phones are already utilizing quad-core processors, and the software will come along to take advantage of that extra computing power. Today, the balance between size, cost, capability, and utility is relatively stable and we can sit back and enjoy the fruit of the moment. Don’t get too comfortable, though. Existing technologies will soon reach a commercial tipping point, and things like gesture recognition, wearable computers, energy harvesting, and 3-D eyeglass displays will radically transform how we interact with our personal computers. Whoever coined that phrase was a real visionary, because for the last 30+ years, computers have been getting more and more personal. At some point they’ll become part of us, and much later, we’ll become part of them. Until then, enjoy this moment when you can hold all this computing power in the palm of your hand, and you can also set it down when you want to.

In the next section, I give my conclusions and ratings on the Motorola DROID RAZR MAXX HD Smartphone.


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