be quiet! Silent Base 600 ATX Case Review


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Building a System Inside the be quiet! Silent Base 600

The Silent Base 600 is made for air cooled setups, mainly because there is only one spot for a radiator at the top. However, I decided to try to install a “custom” water cooling setup inside the Silent Base 600. With pumps becoming more reliable and silent than ever before (specially in All in One water coolers), it is very common to find them in silent enthusiast setups. It could also be argued that since water cooler setups are more efficient, fans don’t need to run at really high RPMs, allowing for even quieter performance.


The first surprise was that although our power supply was 160 mm long, there was still space for a 120 mm fan at the bottom. Removing the drive cage allows for GPUs of up to 413 mm to be installed, but it does not allow for a radiator to be installed at the front like I initially thought it would. This is due to the bracket that allows the drive cage to stay in place is unfortunately riveted onto the chassis, so there is no space at the front for a 240 mm radiator unless you remove the rivets.

Curiously, the 3.5″ drive cage can be moved so that it hangs right below the 5.25″ drive tray, which is also riveted. The 3.5″ cage features an open frame which is not very restrictive in comparison to the front panel which has little to no ventilation for the front 140 mm included fan. Overall, there seems to be plenty of storage space within the Silent Base 600, however the inclusion of three 5.25″ drive bays seems overwhelming nowadays and should be limited to only one to allow for further space at the front for better cooling compatibility.


Putting everything on place, I was only able to fit a 240 mm radiator at the top like we expected. There is not enough clearance on the fan mount at the back to mount a radiator inside, but there are rubber grommets right below the mount to install a radiator on the exterior of the case. The radiator I used is a XSPC EX240 which is around 36 mm thick. It should be noted that if our motherboard had tall heatsinks at the top of the CPU socket, this setup would have not fit. As a pump / reservoir / CPU block combo I used the Raijintek Triton unit, however you shouldn’t have any trouble fitting any Top-reservoir combo by removing the 3.5″ drive cages.


If you decide to buy this case, I would highly suggest buying a modular power supply, as the cables I did not use were hidden in a very unfashionable way. This in turn made closing the side panel a lot harder than it had to be and added to the hard task of cable managing inside the Silent Base 600.


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