SilverStone Tundra TD02 Slim Liquid Cooler Review


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SilverStone Tundra TD02 Slim Installation

The installation of the SilverStone Tundra TD02 Slim, was a bit of a pain. I chose the SilverStone PS11B-W case for this project. The reason for my decision was simple, the SilverStone PS11B-W doesn’t technically support liquid cooler installations. This is where the SilverStone Tundra TD02 Slim shines.


First of all, I had to install the back plate for the TD02 Slim. The installation varies depending on your CPU. I’m using an AMD board with an AM3 socket. The threaded pins slide through the holes in the motherboard and are fastened down with a stand-off and spring-tension nuts.


Here’s what it looks like from the front-side of the motherboard. The screws and standoffs dangle a bit loosely while waiting for you to finish installing the heatsink/pump unit.


Getting to this point is where I have to explain things a bit. The normal method of installation according to the manual is to install the fans to the radiator, then attach the radiator to the top of your case. After that, you install the pump and connect the fans and pump to fan headers.

Well, that didn’t go as planned. The radiator blocks the CPU header, and the top two mounting screws for the heatsink/pump. I had to install the pump first while trying to keep the radiator from falling off of the top of the case.

This particular installation isn’t going to happen to everyone, unless you are using this specific case, SilverStone PS11B-W. You’ll also note that the retention clips for the RAM is also blocked at the top. And if my RAM wasn’t low profile, there would be no way to fit the Tundra TD02 Slim into this case.


This shot shows just how little wiggle room there is in this case for installing the SilverStone Tundra TD02 Slim. The front part of the radiator where the hoses are attached could potentially block the use of the top-most 5.25″ drive bay.

Also, the PS11B-W has a filter mounted in the top of the case. This had to be removed to facilitate installation of the TD02 Slim because of the plastic pins that were used to hold the filter in place. I could have sandwiched the filter between the top of the case and the radiator, but I think it would impede airflow and filtering exhaust air wouldn’t do any good.


This closeup shot I tried to illustrate just how little space there is behind the radiator for the mounts and CPU header. You can see the LED’s faintly lit up on the edge of the SilverStone logo while the pump is powered on.


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