Razer DeathAdder 2013 Gaming Mouse Review


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Razer Synapse 2.0

Synapse 2.0, is Razer’s cloud based utility that allows gamers to sync their device settings among various machines. Unless one is satisfied with the default settings of the DeathAdder, they will need to get the software in order to calibrate the sensor, set macros, adjust the DPI, or change any other option.


Unlike many other input device software, Synapse 2.0 is clean, straight-forward, and has it’s options well divided into logical sections. The first tab (shown above) allows you to create and change profiles as well as assign functions and macros to buttons. The performance tab enables the user to make modifications to the DPI, acceleration, and polling rate.


An interesting feature with the DeathAdder is the ability to set separate DPI values for horizontal and vertical movement. The console also allows gamers to set sensitivity stages that can be switched on the fly if the user maps the increase/decrease DPI function to buttons on the device.


The 2013 DeathAdder doesn’t have many lighting options unlike some if it’s siblings. It sports a pulsing green light behind the logo and a steady scroll wheel light. The software doesn’t allow one to change the frequency or color of the lights, it only gives the option to turn them off or on.


Synapse 2.0 also offers a macro creation tool (shown above). It is not unlike the macro console for other gaming mice; it can be used to record macros with or without time delay. If the latter option is chosen, then it gives user the ability to edit the times between key presses. If a single error occurred in what would be an otherwise perfect combo/macro, fixing it will not be a problem as Synapse 2.0 allows every macro entry to be deleted, edited, or moved up or down in the sequence.


Lastly, Synapse 2.0 offers a calibration tab(above) that makes it possible for the mouse to optimized for different surfaces. If you are lucky enough to own a Razer mat, then life is easy, you simply have to select your product from the list and your device will be auto-optimized for that surface. However, if you don’t Razer mat or no gaming mat all, you needn’t despair, there is an alternate solution:


The utility allows the DeathAdder to calibrated to any compatible surface. When prompted, the user will have to move the mouse in a zig zag pattern, and that’s all there is to it. It also allows you to save different calibrations so you won’t have to recalibrate for a familiar surface. Synapse 2.0 is an excellent piece of software and without it, the consumer will be missing out on much of the product’s value.


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