SilverStone SST-ARM11SC Single Monitor Interactive Arm Review


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Testing & Results

In order to test the SilverStone ARM11SC, 3 different monitors of different weights and sizes were used. All the monitors listed below weigh in below the maximum weight threshold of the ARM11SC, although the 28 inch I-INC monitor is actually a bit larger than recommended by SilverStone.

Test System

  • Monitor 1: Benq E2400HD
  • Monitor 2: I-INC iH282
  • Monitor 3: Wacom Cintiq 21UX


The Benq E2400HD is a typical 24 inch monitor weighing in under 7 kg. This is most likely the size and weight of monitors intended to be attached to the SilverStone ARM11SC. As a result, the monitor floats smoothly and easily within all positions of its envelope without the need for any setscrew adjustments.

The I-INC iH282 monitor is at the upper edge of the maximum weight recommendations for the SilverStone ARM11SC, and actually exceeds the recommended size of the published specifications at 28 inches. However, the SilverStone easily supports this monitor in all but the most extended positions, and even then the position can be fixed with a small adjustment to the setscrews.

One of the most common uses for an articulated monitor arm is with the small and midsize Wacom Cintiq touchscreen displays. These monitors are typically positioned for easy drawing and sketching, and quite often the best position for these interactive displays is off the edge of the desk, almost sitting in the user’s lap. The Wacom factory provided stands do not allow this degree of flexibility, creating a market for a more flexible display positioning system.

The Wacom 21UX weighs in at just under 9 kg and is considerably larger than it screen size with its surrounding touch panel interface. Mounting the SilverStone arm to this device requires a small modification to the cable entry configuration on the back of the LCD panel, which is clearly described in the Wacom documentation.

Sure enough, the SilverStone performs effortlessly with this monitor, allowing easy maneuvering of the display into any position needed for drawing and graphics input.


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