Thermaltake Chaser A71 VP400M1W2N Computer Case Review


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 Thermaltake Chaser A71 External Feature Details

All nine drive bay covers have a foam filter on the reverse side to help prevent that pesky dust from getting sucked into the case. The covers have noticeable plastic tabs on either side of the front, which helps you to contort them during removal. The quality of the covers’ construction is a double-edged sword; it makes them difficult to contort, which makes the removal process difficult, yet, you know you’re not going to break them.

Thermaltake Chaser A71 Computer Case

One of the complaints on the Chaser MK-I was that the top-mounted hot swap was a dust (beer, potato chip, etc…) catcher. Well, Thermaltake engineered a door on the A71 that addressed these concerns. Unlike the door on the MK-I, the spring-loaded door on the A71 completely seals off the opening to the hard-drive docking station. It is actually two doors in one. The main door, which accomodates 3.5” drives, obviously hinges from the bay doorframe. The secondary door, which is for 2.5” drives, hinges from the main door allowing the main door to remain closed if you are using an SSD in the drive bay. If the above description is confusing, maybe the image below will help to clarify the hot-swap bay door situation.

Thermaltake Chaser A71 Computer Case

Here’s a good look at the I/O panel. From left to right we have the power button, which has blue illumination when on, the activity LED, the reset button, microphone port, headphones port, two USB 2.0 ports, and two USB 3.0 ports.

Thermaltake Chaser A71 Computer Case

This is just another feature to really appreciate about the Thermaltake Chaser A71; the dust filter. When a company incorporates four pre-installed fans into the design of a case and bills it as having “supreme ventilation,” it should integrate dust-prevention into the chassis. Not all companies do. Thank you, Thermaltake.

Thermaltake Chaser A71 Computer Case

There are plenty of positives to take away from this review of the Thermaltake Chaser A71’s exterior. It has a bold look, a bevy of features, and is solidly constructed. It’s time to take the panels off and see what this case has in store for us on the inside.


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