Cryorig R1 Ultimate CPU Cooler Review


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CPU Cooler Final Thoughts

When I came to the senses that somehow this review of the Cryorig R1 Ultimate had to come to an end, I was a bit saddened. It was not because although the Cryorig R1 Ultimate looks incredibly bold and elegant, it performed badly in our performance Test 2, or because mounting it is a complete challenge even for experienced builders. It was because although it had some flaws, the Cryorig R1 Ultimate is still one of the best coolers available with excellent numbers in our noise and test 1 scores. In order to catch up to other coolers in our test 2, Cryorig should allow for standard 140 mm fans to be installed within the Cryorig R1 Ultimate, as well as providing a third mounting option in the back for more than just a slim fan.


Cryorig R1 Ultimate Conclusion

The performance of the Cryorig R1 Ultimate is a mixture of both positive and negative results. Using the included fans and TIM, it managed to compete against other bulky heatsinks, as well as other 240 mm all in one water coolers. In our second test, the Cryorig R1 was almost last only managing to beat the likes of the Cooler Master Hyper 212 Evo, and the Silverstone TD03-E, a 120 mm AIO water cooler. Overall the Cryorig R1 Ultimate still managed to keep our overclocked core i5-4670k under 61 degrees on all of our tests.

Beauty is subjective, but making a bold design that gets your point across is not. Cryorig clearly is aiming for the second, as you will probably agree with me that the Cryorig R1 Ultimate can easily gain anyone’s attention. Yes, this is one bulky heatsink weighting almost 3 pounds, but it has been carefully designed to be functional and sophisticated. Unlike the Cooler Master GTS series, the Cryorig R1 Ultimate does not try to make the guts of your system look like a car engine, but rather like something unique and stealthy.

Unfortunately, it is impossible for us to test the reliability of most of the products we review. However, the Cryorig R1 Ultimate shows some very positive signs when it comes to it’s overall construction. The mounting mechanism is sturdy and showed no signs of flex, it also included the appropriate washers to prevent damage to the motherboard mounting holes in our mounting test. The fins on the heatsink were not easily bent, and are protected by a plastic shroud. The only flaw were some big scratches on the base plate of our sample which could hamper performance. This can be easily corrected by polishing the base of the cooler.

Cryorig were clever enough to give the R1 Ultimate a very thoughtful layout. There are no ram clearance issues, which can be attributed to the cooler being offset backwards, although if your motherboard has very tall heat spreaders you might want to consider going to Cryorig’s website and printing a test model to check for motherboard compatibility. Installation is hard and tedious but that is expected from any large heatsink out there.

Our last score pertains to the value of the product at hand. The Cryorig R1 Ultimate is priced online for $89.99 (NeweggAmazon) which is a fairly steep price for an air cooler. In fact, this is the most expensive air cooler Benchmark Reviews has taken a look at in 2015. Is it worth it? In my opinion it is, simply by the fact that it is a quiet air cooler with more than adequate cooling capabilities for most users.It is also unique, a rarity these days in the computer DIY market.

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+ Two PWM 140 mm fans included.
+ Stylish and modern design.
+ 6-Year warranty when registered.
+ Compatible with tall ram heat-spreaders.
+ Very silent fans.


– Mounting it requires uninstalling motherboard.
– Only standard 120 mm fans can be installed.
– Very expensive air cooler.


  • Performance: 8.50
  • Appearance: 10.00
  • Construction: 9.50
  • Functionality: 9.00
  • Value: 7.25

Final Score: 8.85 out of 10.

Quality Recognition: Benchmark Reviews Silver Tachometer Award.



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