Corsair Obsidian 350D Micro ATX Computer Case Review


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Closer Look: Corsair 350D Exterior

The Corsair 350D (model CC-9011028-WW) is a Micro-ATX computer case that is available online for $99.99 (Newegg | Amazon).

The Corsair 350D keeps the sleek lines and dark exterior of its larger brethren but makes everything a little bit smaller.


From the left the 350D shows off its beautiful lines from front to back, the large window on the door allows for a enthusiast to show off all of the beautiful equipment and the brushed metal front looks great in an entertainment center or in a user’s computer room. Corsair keeps things simple with its design and I love it.


The front of the Corsair Obsidian 350D opens up to allow access to the front filter and a 140mm intake fan. The Corsair A1425L12S is a 1000RPM 140mm fan rated for [email protected] The front can be rearranged to accommodate two 140mm intake fans should users have a need for more cooling. The large filter can be easily be removed and cleaned to help keep dust and grime out an enthusiast’s expensive components.


In the top an enthusiasts easily add two 140mm exhaust fans or a 280mm radiator for a water-cooling setup. In addition Corsair included eight rubber grommets so that each fan installed is isolated from the metal case, which helps keeps noise down, perfect for a computer that sits at the center of a home theatre.


On the bottom the 350D has feet with rubber bottoms that help raise the 350D off the floor so that a enthusiasts power supply can breathe and keep itself cool. Just like all other Obsidian designs Corsair also gave its 350D a removable filter under the power supply so that an enthusiast’s power supply does not gummed up with dust.


Corsair kept the front panel of the 350D simple with a large button for the power, two 3.5mm jacks for audio, a small reset button, and two USB3.0 ports with an internal header. Corsair also kept the power and HDD activity lights simple with two white lights that that flank each side of the power button.


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  1. ehume

    Nice review. It’s certainly a clean case, and it should be wide enough for cable management.

    I do like to see a measurement taken of the space behind the motherboard. It lets us know one of those hidden details that can make a case nice or nasty to work in.

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