EVGA TORQ X5 USB Gaming Mouse Review


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EVGA TORQ X5 Gaming Mouse Review

By David Ramsey

Manufacturer: EVGA Corporation
Product Name: TORQ X5 Gaming Mouse
Model Number: 902-X2-1052-KR
UPC: 843368032135 EAN: 4250812406446
Price As Tested: $49.99 (Amazon)
Full Disclosure: EVGA Corporation provided the product sample used in this article.

EVGA continues their expansion into the peripherals market with the introduction of their TORQ peripherals line; today, we have the new EVGA Torq X5 Gaming Mouse to review. Benchmark Reviews has previously looked at the EVGA TORQ X10 Gaming Mouse and we liked it enough to give it our highest rating. The new X5 Gaming Mouse sacrifices a few features for a lower price point, but how does it perform? Let’s find out.

Which pointing device you prefer is a personal choice, like keyboards. Some people prefer the feel of a mechanical keyboard’s individual switches while others are perfectly happy with inexpensive rubber-dome keyboards. Any gamer is going to want a good mouse, and while the upper end of the mouse market is moving towards cordless mice, the guaranteed responsiveness and reliability of a corded mouse appeals to many. Like the TORQ X10, the new TORQ X5 is a corded mouse.

What distinguishes a gaming mouse from a “normal” mouse? Generally, it will have more buttons; the buttons will be programmable, and the mouse hardware itself will be different: gaming mice tend to be sturdier, have higher resolution sensors, and some offer physical adjustability, so the shape, size, and weight of the mouse can be changed. Let’s take a look at the EVGA TORQ X5 and see what it’s got.


902-X2-1052-KR Specifications

Max DPI 6400
Sensor Pixart 3968 optical sensor
Switch type Omron – 20 million clicks life cycle
Programmable buttons 8
Min/Max Weight 85g (without cable)
Max Polling Rate 1000Hz
LEDs Red, green, blue, yellow, orange, pink, purple
Profiles 5 onboard (512K memory)
Design Full ambidextrous design

Let’s unbox this mouse in the next section


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  1. james

    “No LEDs” -:(

    ” No “sniper” feature”

    “And that extra $15 gets you: Heavier mouse with adjustable weights, with a metal frame and scroll wheel, and higher resolution”
    – aww i want to carry a brick around

    Not to mention the optical sensor on this mouse is far better than the over-used buggy 8200dpi w/ inconsistent accleration. This mouse is better than the x10 in every way, and the x10 is also ambidexterous. This site is called ‘benchmark reviews” but you’re focusing too much on things that don’t matter. I don’t even know a macro software that IS intuitive.

    Advice for some better reviews in the future 🙂

  2. David Ramsey

    Ah, so you’ve used both mice for at least a week and compared them to each other?

    Well, like I said in the second paragraph of this review: “Which pointing device you prefer is a personal choice, like keyboards.”

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