PowerColor HD 7870 2GB DEVIL Video Card Review

PowerColor HD 7870 2GB DEVIL Video Card Review

The HD 7870 DEVIL is not the spawn of arcane knowledge and the occult unlike the first PowerColor DEVIL video card. The HD 7870 DEVIL instead is hewn from the familiar Pitcairn XT GPU as if it is just like any other HD 7870 but upon closer inspection, it is more than that. Draped in a cold black and blood red shroud, the PowerColor HD 7870 DEVIL has 1100MHz core clock with 1250MHz memory clock that can be pushed significantly further with additional voltage without burning out due to an unholy trinity of guardian fans that ensure its survival. The PowerColor HD 7870 DEVIL can blend in and mate with other HD 7870 to increase its power further through CrossFire breeding. Should the the HD 7870 DEVIL fail at any time within 2-years of existence, PowerColor will re-spawn an identical HD 7870 DEVIL to take its place… at HiTechLegion

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