ROCCAT Apuri Active USB Hub Review


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Active USB Hub with Mouse Bungee Final Thoughts

A mouse bungee is a great way to manage your mouse cord. It does a great job eliminating the annoying grabbing, catching on the edge of a mouse pad, and so on. There a plenty of mouse bungees out there from which to choose, but how many double as an active USB hub? The answer is one. The ROCCAT Apuri. ROCCAT is known for innovation, and the Apuri is certainly innovative. Integrating a USB hub and mouse bungee seems obvious now, but actually developing a device with these two features that functions effectively is something else. Oh, and by the way; it’s a looker.

As great as this concept is, there are ways to make it even better. For example, if the blue glowing lights could be turned off or if the actual color could be manipulated, that would probably broaden its appeal. That would probably escalate the cost, since drivers would likely be needed, but how about a version two? Also, the pads on the feet could consist of softer rubber or another material that would provide a bit more grab.


ROCCAT Apuri Active USB Hub with Mouse Bungee Conclusion

Now, it is time to conclude this review by breaking it up into categories. In other words, the following paragraphs will contain feedback on the ROCCAT Apuri’s appearance, performance, construction, functionality, and overall value. As mentioned earlier in the review, the following results are subjective and will likely vary depending upon each individual’s experience with this device.

Throughout the review, I had given away my affinity for the design of the ROCCAT Apuri. This device has a very aggressive stance, looking like a scorpion that is ready to strike. ROCCAT decided to let the stance do the talking; the branding is subtle, yet attractive. Why ruin a good thing by making it resemble a NASCAR quarter panel? The glowing blue lighting on both the top and bottom of the hub portion of the device is a nice touch.

As a mouse bungee, the ROCCAT Apuri performed brilliantly. The secret is the flexible rubber portion of the device. The bungee doesn’t just provide a place for a mouse cord, it follows a mouse’s movements making transitions smooth and seamless. As a USB hub, the Apuri performed as anticipated. With the AC cord attached, it charges your devices that are running low on power.

Not only does the ROCCAT Apuri look strong, it is built that way. It is made primarily of plastic and rubber, but again, it is well made. Some USB hubs feel as if they will fall apart if you drop them. Not this one. There is no doubt that this device will give you years of service.

From a functionality standpoint, the ROCCAT Apuri is really in a class of its own. I am unaware of any other devices that are both a USB hub and mouse bungee. And, it wasn’t thrown together in a rush; plenty of time was obviously spent on developing this device to ensure that it ended up being a huge benefit to consumers and not just a novelty item.

As of October 2014, the ROCCAT Apuri Active USB Hub with Mouse Bungee was available online for $35.11 (Amazon Newegg). You will likely find a mouse bungee for less, but you won’t find one that doubles as a USB hub. Even if your focus is on just purchasing a mouse bungee, the Apuri is one of the best designs out there. It plays both roles very well, looks great on your desk, and eliminates desk clutter. This is a no-brainer. Get one, period.

Pros:Benchmark Reviews Golden Tachometer Award Logo (Small)

+ performance as a mouse bungee
+ looks fantastic
+ long cords provides for versatile positioning
+ two devices in one / desktop management
+ four USB 2.0 ports
+ it’s an active USB hub
+ current price makes it a tremendous value


– limited lighting options
– needs better pads on the bottom of the feet
– USB 3.0 would be better


  • Performance: 9.00
  • Appearance: 9.75
  • Construction: 9.00
  • Functionality: 9.00
  • Value: 10.00

Final Score: 9.35 out of 10.

Excellence Achievement: Benchmark Reviews Golden Tachometer Award.

COMMENT QUESTION: What do you consider the benefits of using a mouse bungee?



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  1. Wayne

    I’ve never been one for gimmicks and when I first clapped eyes on this thing that is exactly what I thought it was until I took a closer look at one during a computer show, this was at least 5 years ago and decided I’ll buy one because it wasn’t expensive then and it intrigued me. Needless to say I still use it to this day and love it.
    I have to agree with two points the reviewer stated, it does need better grip on the surface it stands on because it indeed slips about although I solved that problem soon after I got it with double sided tape and secondly it desperately needs updating to the USB 3.0 standard, something I can do nothing about.

  2. Johnniedoo

    Ditto to Wayne’s thoughts on the 2 missing elements to make this perfect
    I thank you for the simile like a scorpion. I do not think i would have made the connection-but that is exactly the critter in form , at least
    I believe your review made a customer out of me. I really like the concept and do not do much looking anymore for usb hubs. have a mess of them-but not like this
    Thanks again

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