ROCCAT Apuri Active USB Hub Review


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ROCCAT Apuri Active USB Hub with Mouse Bungee Detailed Features

For those of you out there who have not yet used a mouse bungee, you may want to consider acquiring one. Once you put one into action, you’ll know just what you’ve been missing. What is great about the ROCCAT Apuri is that, as we have already discovered, it is not only a mouse bungee, but it it also a four-port USB hub. Below, you will find more detailed information regarding what is a very useful device.


I know that you have been shown a few different images of the front of the ROCCAT Apuri. The above image is at desk level. The intention here was to give you a perspective of its stance. What is beneficial about this design is that the mouse cord is elevated off of the surface of the desk, which prevents it from dragging on the surface and catching, say, the edge of a mouse pad. Also, if your mouse cord is braided, it won’t be fraying anytime soon, since the aforementioned desk drag is no long an issue.


On the right-side of the ROCCAT Apuri, you will find two additional USB ports. This is another image that was taken at desk level and shows off the aggressive-looking stance of the Apuri.


On the left-side of the Apuri is where ROCCAT positioned the port for the AC adapter and the mini USB port. I would have liked to have seen more branding on this side of the device. Maybe slapping “Apuri” on this side of the mouse bungee to match that of the other side.


The three feet on the ROCCAT Apuri provide it with plenty of stability. The pads on the bottom of each foot, while protecting the desk’s surface, really do not do a whole lot to prevent slipping. That may have something to do with the weight of the Apuri, but maybe some softer rubber would grab a bit better. In any case, if you position the mouse cord properly in the bungee, you won’t have any issues.


This top-down view (above) of the Apuri shows the channel of the mouse bungee once again, but from a different angle. Being constructed of soft rubber, the mouse bungee is able to easily flex to accommodate your mouse movements.


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  1. Wayne

    I’ve never been one for gimmicks and when I first clapped eyes on this thing that is exactly what I thought it was until I took a closer look at one during a computer show, this was at least 5 years ago and decided I’ll buy one because it wasn’t expensive then and it intrigued me. Needless to say I still use it to this day and love it.
    I have to agree with two points the reviewer stated, it does need better grip on the surface it stands on because it indeed slips about although I solved that problem soon after I got it with double sided tape and secondly it desperately needs updating to the USB 3.0 standard, something I can do nothing about.

  2. Johnniedoo

    Ditto to Wayne’s thoughts on the 2 missing elements to make this perfect
    I thank you for the simile like a scorpion. I do not think i would have made the connection-but that is exactly the critter in form , at least
    I believe your review made a customer out of me. I really like the concept and do not do much looking anymore for usb hubs. have a mess of them-but not like this
    Thanks again

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