Stock Upgrade: Cooler Master Hyper D92 CPU Cooler


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Cooler Master Hyper D92 Installation

This is where the guide part of the review kicks in as I mentioned before on the introduction page. This installation will cover my experience installing the Hyper D92 with an AM3 socket CPU.

Instructions for Intel sockets vary slightly depending on what socket type you have and the installation instructions are rather simple and easy to follow.

AMD-Stock-CoolerFirst, we have to remove the awful AMD stock cooler from the Phenom II x2 555 CPU and clean the top of the CPU in preparation for installing the Hyper D92. I cleaned the CPU with 70% isopropyl alcohol using a cotton tip swab, making sure to keep any paste off of the surrounding socket mount and motherboard.


When that was done I proceeded to uninstall the stock mounting brackets and backplate. Once I removed the stock mounting bracket and backplate I was able to install the backplate for the Hyper D92. This process proved to be slightly problematic, as you can see from the above picture the CPU cut-out on the Antec 900 case was not high enough to allow easy removal or installation of the new backplate.

To fix this problem, I simply unscrewed the top two mountings screws on the motherboard, rather than taking the whole motherboard out. This allowed me to flex the board just slightly enough to slide the old backplate out and the new backplate in.

Keep in mind I do not recommend that anyone should install the backplate in this way! Bending the motherboard could possibly crack or break it causing it to malfunction. Use your own discretion in this manner. I simply did this to avoid the hassle of having to painstakingly remove the motherboard from the case!

After I successfully installed the Hyper D92 backplate I replaced the two screws to secure the top of the motherboard.


I’ve secured the Hyper D92 mounting plate with the provided thumb screws and aligned the mounting screws so I could install the Hyper D92 in a horizontal configuration. I chose this configuration because of case compatibility reasons. It simply fit best in this orientation, which happens to be the preferred orientation for this type of cooler.

This orientation allowed me to still keep the side fan mounted on the case door while pushing air up and out of the top of the case that has a pre-installed 200mm variable speed fan.

Take note of how close the DIMM slots are to the CPU socket. This was a concern of mine that it might not fit in a horizontal orientation because the heat pipes don’t give as much clearance for RAM in this orientation.


I managed to stuff my camera into the computer to get this shot. As you can see in the above picture, those heat pipes come within millimeters of touching the heatspreaders on the RAM module.

Thankfully there was not an issue with RAM height since the Crucial Ballistix RAM is low profile. Keep in mind that there is 44mm of clearance from the floor of the motherboard to the bottom of the cooler.

If RAM clearance is an issue mounting the Hyper D92 in a vertical orientation will help with clearance. If your DIMM slots are further away from the CPU socket it shouldn’t be an issue with vertical orientation of the Hyper D92.

Hyper-D92-Cooler-Installed-1And the end result with the Hyper D92 snuggly installed and making the CPU nice and cool!


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