ASUS X99-DELUXE Motherboard Preview


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ASUS X99-DELUXE Motherboard Preview

By David Ramsey

Manufacturer: ASUSTeK Computer Inc.
Product Name: LGA2011-v3 Intel Desktop Motherboard
Model Number: X99-DELUXE
UPC: 8622785224 EAN: 716659852247
MSRP: $383.99 (Amazon | B&HNewegg)

Full Disclosure: ASUS provided the product sample used in this article.

Intel’s LGA2011 and its aging X79 chipset have soldiered along for that segment of the market that prized core count and memory bandwidth above all. But now there’s a new LGA2011 in town: LGA2011-V3, complete with the new X99 chipset, and Benchmark Reviews has ASUS’ latest X99-based motherboard to test. Replete with features like 5-way optimization, Crystal Sound audio, on-board 802.11ac wireless, m.2 SSD support, extensive overclocking options, and unique additions like a fan extension card and multiple ways to mount m.2 SSDs, the ASUS X99-DELUXE is aimed squarely at the enthusiast for whom only the very best will do.


Of course, as it always is with anything that’s “the very best”, it’s going to cost you. Does the massive price increment over a high-end LGA1150 system make any sense? Let’s find out.


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  1. ouanas

    i think the besst brands are 1st gigabyte 2nd asrock 3 asus

  2. Maddogg

    The best motherboard by far is made by Asus.I have used these boards for a long time and never had any problems whatsoever.

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