Phanteks Enthoo Luxe Full-Tower Case Review


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Phanteks Enthoo Luxe Case Interior Details

When I first opened the Phanteks Enthoo Luxe I thought it would be an easy task to review the inside because I had already taken a look at the Enthoo Pro. However, after looking at the design for a second time, I noticed that this case has a lot of features that needed to be mentioned. Let’s see what else I can find within the Enthoo Luxe.


The first thing I noticed when I was opening the Phanteks Enthoo Luxe is these screws that hold in place both side panels. They have these rubber washers that prevent the screws from scratching the lid of the side panels You probably are thinking that it is not a great deal, but this really shows how much thought puts into their products. They can also be found holding in place the power supply cover, but not in the drive cages.


If you are wondering how the Enthoo Luxe handles SSD storage, on the back of the motherboard tray there are two 2.5″ drive mounts, unlike the Pro which only had one. They can be removed by simply sliding them from the rubber mounts. The bottom bracket can also be replaced with a two in one 2.5″ drive mount that is optional, which allows you to have a total of  3 SSDs mounted on the back of the motherboard tray.You can get the two in one drive bracket for $8.99 (Newegg).


The back also features a fan hub that is powered by a SATA connector. You may have noticed that they are all 3-pin headers but there is enough spacing for 4-pin fans. You can still control fan speed by using a PWM header that plugs into the motherboard. The fan hub can also be lowered for your convenience.


Below the power supply cover we find enough clearance to fit power supplies up to 355 mm in length, which I have yet to observe a power supply that big. If you decide to populate the bottom fan mounts you will be left with clearance for power supplies of 215 mm in length, which is still plenty for most power supplies with a few exceptions. There are also 6 rubber feet that prevent your power supply from being scratched and provide some vibration dampening.


In the back towards the front there is 6 more storage bays which are held in place by two removable cages. The plastic trays can be easily removable from the back and are able to hold both 2.5″ and 3.5″ drives. The cages can be removed by simply unscrewing the six thumb screws at the top, middle, and bottom of the cages. Removing the cages allows for radiator support at the front, unfortunately that means that if you decide to install a radiator at the front you are left with no 3.5″ drive bays.


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  1. Sir D


    – Shares the same chassis as the Enthoo Pro
    – Power Supply cover does not have rubber grommets for tubing”

    1: I´d like to see any other cases out there, at that price range that even have a PSU cover… (other than the NZXT H440 which doesn´t have nearly as many radiator mounting options)
    2: The interior build of the Pro proved itself to be extremely efficient and catered for a lot of enthusiast water coolers needs…. so why NOT use the same layout???

    Corsair has the same interior layout in the 750D, 760T and the 730T… haven´t heard any complaints there…

    NO “Cons” mentioned were of any value if one takes the price and the total build quality into consideration. There are other cases out thee that cost way more that are not even close to the Phanteks Enthoo Luxe. 😉


  2. SqugSCX

    Can I fit a 60mm Rad at the front of the Enthoo Luxe? I was a bit confused with your water cooling specs.

    If not a 60mm what thickness of rad can I fit?

    1. Julian Duque

      You can install as thick as you want of a radiator as long as you don’t install a 240mm radiator or a pump at the bottom near the drive cages. If you install a 280 mm radiator you might need to look into the spacing between holes as they are not elongated although the one from the luxe is standard.

  3. Addison

    But can I install a massive 240 radiator with push-pull fans at the bottom of the case and still use one of the hard drive cages?

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