Roccat ISKU FX Gaming Keyboard Review


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ROCCAT ISKU FX Gaming Keyboard Overview

Including the wrist rest (which cannot be removed), the ISKU FX is an extremely large keyboard. At nearly ten inches wide and more than 20 inches long, the ISKU FX necessitates a large amount of space to use it. The keyboard is made entirely of plastic, and I felt that the construction was not as sturdy as other keyboards, especially the wrist rest and key covers. I question how well it will stand up against long term use. The keys are surrounded by a glossy plastic that looks good, but attracts noticeable fingerprints and dust. This is not a Cherry MX board but instead a membrane switch system.

Roccat ISKU FX Full

The bottom of the ISKU FX features the same granulated plastic as the rest of the body, along with cable routing channels. Considering that this keyboard does not have any passthrough ports, the inclusion of such channels seems rather unnecessary as you won’t have many cables to route.

Roccat ISKU FX Bottom

At the top of the ISKU FX is a row of profile LEDs, along with a button for on-the-fly macro recording. When a profile is selected the corresponding LED will be lit blue.  It is not possible to change this LED color. For on-the-fly macro recording, press the switch and you will be guided through programming by a suitable, but somewhat creepy, automated voice.

Roccat ISKU FX Profile Lights

The top of the ISKU FX has your standard assortment of media keys, which can be customized via the driver software.

Roccat ISKU FX Media KeysThis button controls the LED brightness, which is a useful feature for out of the box compatibility. The ISKU FX has six levels of brightness.

Roccat ISKU FX LED Key

The LEDs in the ISKU FX can supposedly be lit in 16.8 million colors. However, I found that many of the colors looked identical, or were so close it barely made any difference. Also, even at maximum brightness the LEDs were extremely dim compared to others I’ve seen. They appear bright in the dark, but as you can see the arrow keys are very dim when in the light.

Roccat ISKU FX LEDS (Pink)

The exterior of the ISKU FX is overall well done. My small complaints include the plastic frame, glossy plastics, and the dimness level of the keys. This last issue is particularly unfortunate given that the LEDs are supposed to be one of the biggest selling points of the ISKU FX.


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