Fractal Design Core 3500 Computer Case Review


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Building in the Fractal Design Core 3500 Case


So far the Fractal Design Core 3500 has been impressing. As mentioned before, it is very similar to previous cases from Fractal Design like the Define R4, so for us building a complex system is something you probably have already seen in the past. So for this case, we decided to go with a tougher challenge, building a case with budget friendly hardware.


Building inside the Fractal Design 3500 case is an experience that even a person that has never build a computer before will enjoy. The case is spacious, even for those with big hands it should be relatively easy to reach everything including the CPU plug found on top of most motherboards. The case is long enough to support most graphics cards, with 7 expansion slots you might even be able to fit 3 graphics cards, however with the drive cage in its original position you have a limited length of 295 mm for the bottom graphics cards and 430 mm for the top one.


At the back we find 22 mm of space which really is more than enough to stuff cables at the bottom. Just to show how many cables you could stick in there we decided to use a non-modular power supply and we stuffed all the unused cables between the motherboard tray and the bottom of the case. You could probably do a better job than I did if you used a modular power supply.


At the front we decided to keep the 140 mm fan on the top as if moved it to the bottom the fan would be chocked by a lack of airflow caused by the hard drive cages. It should be noted that this can be avoided by removing the drive cage or simply moving it to its secondary position.


The hard drive bays are also outstanding. The rubber grommets prevent any rattling from occurring, however after loading this case with 4 WD Black 2 TB hard drives the cages were rattling a little bit, but since most people do not use more than 2 hard drives this should not be a problem. The cages are very sturdy, again Fractal Design showing off quality all over the place.


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