Cooler Master N600 Mid Tower Review


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Cooler Master N600 Case Overview

The N600 boasts a simple black design that appeals to people seeking a case that is attractive, but not so flashy it couldn’t fit in an office setting.  The only real design accents to be found is the solid plastic strip on the front panel and the large tinted window on the side of the chassis.

Cooler Master N600 MidTower Front

The front panel is a black mesh with a solid plastic strip from top to bottom for all the I/O ports and switches. This strip accents the panel a bit, which is good for people looking for more than just a plain mesh panel. Cooler Master also includes a pre-installed 120mm case fan with white LEDs, and you can add another 120mm below it. The switch below the USB 3.0 ports controls the fan LEDs, but it can only control one fan at a time.

Cooler Master N600 MidTower Vent Side Panel

This side panel has an intake with a built in dust filter for the side 120mm mount, but because this mount is also supposed to be able to mount 240mm radiators it extends below the mount itself so both intakes are filtered. Removing the panel is just like most cases, simply remove the thumbscrews and pull the panel right off. Note the glossy black finish on the side that is part of the front panel. It looks great, but don’t touch it. Unless you like looking at your own fingerprints, because the finish attracts them like nothing else I’ve seen.

Cooler Master N600 MidTower Window Panel

The N600’s other side panel features a large window for showing off your build inside. Nothing particularly special about it, although it’s worth noting the window is only available on this particular N600 model. Two other models exist that replace the window with a large fan mount that can accommodate up to a single 180mm fan.

Cooler Master N600 MidTower Top

The top panel features an intake/exhaust for dual 120mm case fans or a 240mm radiator. The dust filter is mounted under the panel and can’t be removed easily. Furthermore, when trying to install 120mm fans and a 240mm AIO cooler, I discovered the filter was not flush with the panel itself and was interfering with installation because the screws ended up being a bit to short.

Cooler Master N600 MidTower Bottom

The bottom of the case features four plastic feet alongside a removable dust filter that pulls out from the back. The bottom of the case can mount a single 120mm fan in front of the PSU, assuming you don’t have an HDD in the lowest 3.5″ slot.

Cooler Master N600 MidTower Back

Finally, the rear of the N600 features the standard assortment of seven expansion slots and dual water cooling tubules. At the top of the panel, above the motherboard I/O plate hole, is a two-speed switch for the case fans, but it is limited to controlling only two fans at a time. One non-led 120mm case fan is included as exhaust.


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  1. Johnniedoo

    I am a CM biased computer builder. 90% of all the ones i have built are made by Cooler Master. they have very solid construction and usually well thought out. I have a few of the 690 and the II and advance models myself as well as HAF922 and HAF932 is in the process of holding another build .
    I appreciate your pointing out these few inconvenient situations. They are important to me and useful. I still prefer CM generally and am surprised at the oversights. There are so many boxes available and many companies make excellent competition, CM needs to take care.

    1. David Shields

      Indeed. This was my first Cooler Master case, but I was aware of CM’s reputation and therefore similarly disillusioned by such obvious design faults from such a well respected company.

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