GAMDIAS HERMES Essential GKB2000 Mechanical Keyboard Review


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The Gamdias HERMES is a pretty large keyboard, mainly due to the macro keys around the edges, as well as the solid plastic / steel design.  From the moment I took it from its packaging it was obvious that the HERMES is very well built, and it weighs more than any other keyboard I’ve had. The construction will likely stand up to use over a long period of time, and should your gaming ever make you want to bang you head on the keyboard, you’ll probably damage your head more than the keyboard.

Gamdias Essential Keyboard Full Lights

The version provided for testing used Cherry MX Black switches. Gamdias states you can obtain versions with Cherry MX Blue, Red, and Brown switches, but currently it seems that only Cherry Black versions are available for sale. The main part of the keyboard is mounted on a heavy metal plate, while the macros keys on the edges are supported only by their respective circuit boards. Five macros keys can be found along the left side of the board…

Gamdias Essential Keyboard Side Macros

…six keys along the bottom of the board (a trio on each side of the Gamdias logo)…

Gamdias Essential Keyboard Bottom Macros

…and the final two macro keys are located alongside the arrow keys.

Gamdias Essential Keyboard Arrow Macros

At the top right corner of the board there are three backlit icons for the Num Lock, Caps Lock, and the “Gaming” lock. This icon lights up when gaming mode is enabled, which disables the Windows key. Above these three icons are three smaller ones denoting the USB, microphone, and headphone jacks pass-through ports.

Gamdias Essential Keyboard Lock Indicators

Next up, we’ll look at a few of the more detailed features of the HERMES, followed by looking at the HERA software.


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