EVGA TORQ X10 Gaming Mouse Review


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Gaming Mouse Detailed Features

At the rear of the mouse is this recessed screw. You can use the included adjustment tool to turn it to adjust the height of the TORQ X10 mouse.


Adjusting the screw raises or lowers the panels on top of the mouse. At the left of the image below is the mouse at full “Down”; at the right is the mouse at full “Up”. As you might expect, there’s a dramatic difference in the feel of the mouse at these two extremes. I prefer a tall mouse so I left mine adjusted at full up for testing.


The top of the mouse pops off to reveal the rubber weight holder. You have to pry fairly hard at the rear of the button panel to pop it off. I was afraid it might break, and it did come loose with a crack, but it seems fine.


The weight holder has a molded-in tab so you can pull it out of the mouse.


EVGA includes three sets of different weights. There are 9 possible combinations of weights, including no weights at all. With no weights, the mouse is 147 grams; with the two solid weights, it’s 160 grams.


Let’s take a look at the supporting software for this mouse in the next section.


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  1. Reiverblade

    COMMENT QUESTION: Who makes your favorite gaming mouse?
    i had a G5 G5X G600 G602 (still have the G602… impressed 2 Energizer Lithium and still running 5 out of 5 bar in the battery status after a bit more than 2month )

    oh well that EVGA mouse look attractive in the carbon clad type … but it’s kinda too little on the function side (after using a G600 and a G602 it’s difficult to settle for less than 8 buttons on the left side) i think if i ever need a wired mouse i will look for a G502 Proteus Core (well 3 button less than the G602 but still 5 buttons on the left side)

    1. Olin Coles

      I’m still rockin’ a Logitech G9 and G9x gaming mouse for my systems.

  2. PhilH

    So this is the $50 version without the carbon fiber right? Have you tested the carbon fiber version and how it feels (in the hands)?

  3. David Ramsey

    Yes, we tested the non-carbon fiber version. The photos of the carbon fiber version show a smooth finish, so I would expect it to be purely decorative, and to feel the same as the non-carbon version.

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