Gamdias Demeter GMS5010 Gaming Mouse Review


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Gamdias Demeter Gaming Mouse Overview

The Gamdias Demeter comes in a nicely wrapped clam shell inside a box with their logo design printed on the box so it’s raised and glossy. It is a nice touch. Other than the usual images and information on the box, there is very little content inside the box itself. You get a quick installation guide and a couple of stickers with your Gamdias Demeter.


The quick installation guide is pretty sparse with information. It has just enough to tell you to plug it in and where to go to get the Hera software for your Gamdias Demeter. The stickers are a nice touch, but I find them too large to want to actually use on my desktop tower.


On the right side of the Gamdias Demeter you have your profile button.  This button can only function as the profile button. The Gamdias Demeter has a nicely braided 2 meter cable with a gold USB connector. It also includes a Velcro strap to keep your cord untangled if you were to take it with you to a LAN party.


On the left side of the Gamdias Demeter you have the back button on the side. This button can also be programmed for macro’s or timers. I will explain more about that later when I get to the Hera software application. The back side of the Gamdias Demeter has the companies logo, which will light up when plugged in. Unfortunately it only has one shade of color, yellow. The light is also fairly bright and can be a bit annoying in a dark room until your hand is placed over it to shield your eyes.



GAMDIAS-DEMETER-GMS5010-top-lit-2 GAMDIAS-DEMETER-GMS5010-velcro-strap

You can see on top of the Gamdias Demeter sits your DPI button. This comes in handy for when you want to change DPI on the fly. Also, take note of the shape of this mouse. It is designed to be used for right or left-handed users.


The bottom of the Gamdias Demeter has a nice slick plastic wedge at the back and front of the mouse allowing it to glide effortlessly on your mouspad.


Here is a better look at the right side of the mouse. The profile button is fairly large which makes it easy to change profiles instantly. The only draw back I had is that my hands are a bit big and I would accidentally change profiles in the heat of battle while gaming.

I found the overall heft and build of the Gamdias Demeter to be very good. It feels very solid in my hand and not too small. The weight on it is nice as well. I have been using a wireless mouse for a long time and I have gotten used to a heavy mouse. I was pleasantly surprised that it wasn’t a lightweight. The texturing on the sides allows for a nice tactile grip.

The mouse wheel tracks with your typical ‘click’ motion and has LED lights at the bottom that illuminate the clear plastic with an assortment of colors that you can program.


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