Genius Zabius HS-G850 Gaming Headset Review


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Genius Zabius: Closer Look

As we take a closer look at the Genius Zabius HS-G850 headset, we can see that the headband has a thin layer of padding on it. The height cannot be physically adjusted by extending the ear cups away from the headband like on a traditional headset, but the headband does the adjusting as it can be adjusted more towards the top or bottom.

Zabius Top Cusion

The exterior of the HS-G850 is constructed with a glossy black finish. Although it is entirely plastic, it feels durable enough to withstand a small amount of flex. Only a few visible screws can be seen on the unit, but they are not noticeable from afar.

Zabius Top View

The detachable microphone has a 2.5mm jack that may be plugged into only the left ear cup. This is a great position to place the microphone as it does not get in the way during a gaming session. Since it is detachable, this makes the HS-G850 portable.

Zabius Mic Jack

The control box has a number of switches and features. At the top, we can see the large GX Gaming logo with an LED strip right below it. On the side, there is an Xbox 360 chat volume, a multi-platform switch, and a microphone on/off switch. Let’s take a look around the control box.

Zabius Control

The main volume control is located on the opposite side of the control box. This enables easy access to increasing or decreasing the volume without having to adjust the volume of your speakers, game console, or any device that is plugged into the HS-G850.

Zabius Control Alternate View 2

The control box also has a 2.5mm female jack. A 2.5mm male to male cable is included in the accessories packaging that is used to connect the control box to a Microsoft Xbox 360 controller. This will enable microphone support when you are playing on the Xbox 360.

Zabius Control Alternate View

The LED will turn red to indicate that the microphone is not enabled. To enable the microphone, simply switch the microphone switch from “OFF” to “ON”.

Zabius Mic Off

Once you switch the microphone switch to “ON”, the LED will turn green to indicate that the microphone is enable. To disable it, just simple switch it back to “OFF”.

Zabius Mic On

We have seen a closer look at the Genius Zabius. This includes the adjustable headband, the glossy black finish, the control box, and the microphone. Let’s go over the testing methodology and results on the next page.


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