Sentey Lumenata Pro Gaming Mouse Review


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Sentey Lumenata Pro Software

One of the Lumenata Pro’s best and least advertised features is the Adjust Lift Button. This very cool feature calibrates the mouse to your specific mouse pad or mouse surface and will help you avoid cursor movement cutoff if you should have the habit of lifting your mouse during gaming. I’ve personally never seen or heard of this type of feature, it seems to allow the software to solve the problem of lift instead of weights on the mouse, such as other mice manufacturers use. It’s also very useful if you happen to change or switch between multiple mouse pads containing different textures.

Note: Logitech just recently updated their software for the G502 to support surface calibration, wonder where they got that idea from!


It is the first setting the manual has you configure as seen above. It does however, pose a problem if you should happen to lift the mouse up completely off the surface during calibration, resulting in a non-moving mouse pointer. Luckily Sentey knows about this problem and published the fix for it right below the configuration instructions.

Sentey Lumenata Mouse Software

The Lumenata Pro software is farely straightforward without a lot of fluff and settings hid in tree-ed menus. As you can see above, you presented with Button Function, Macro Management, and DPI & Tool. Each of which, as you will see below, takes you to that specific areas settings of the mouse. These settings are what you commonly see in gaming mouse software, just a little more streamlined, with enhanced functionality for the X & Y axis settings, as you’ll see below.


The button function button menu in the software of the Lumenata Pro allows you to set up 5 different profiles, all of which are categorized by 5 different colors. When on the selected mode, the scroll wheel and the M button change to the color of the selected profile. You can also assign different macros to the individual profiles, which is a nice feature. To switch between the modes you can either select one from this screen or use the “M” button that is below the F.S. button directly on the mouse. The color beside the “M” or Mode button will indicate which mode or profile you’re in.


The Lumenata Pro software’s macro management menu is fairly easy to use compared to some. You can either choose from a list of commands to build your macro or you can hit the record button, and perform the macro you desire, then hit stop and your macro is stored. If you’re happy with the macro, including the pause between each function, then you simply drag the macro to the list on the left and it will have you name it. To assign the macro to a button on the mouse, you go back to button function and drag the desired macro to the desired button, piece of cake. It also gives you the option to record or not record the duration or intervals between each part of the macro. In my testing I used a this simple macro above in World of Tanks (W.O.T).


The DPI & Tool menu is where the mouse out classes the competition, not only do you have 4 individual DPI profiles to choose and customize from, but you can set the X & Y axis of each profile to operate independently of one another. You can also set the scroll acceleration, allowing you to make scrolling through long pages even easier, this setting can be adjusted directly on the mouse as well, by holding the F.S. button for 3 seconds, then pressing it twice more. You adjust the count (1 to 9) using the scroll wheel, then press F.S. for 3 seconds again to save the setting and drop out of setting mode. The X & Y axis can even be adjusted directly on the fly buy holding the F.S. button for 3 seconds for the X axis, then press it once more for the Y axis. When you’re on the selected axis settings, the indicator strips on the left top side of the mouse will blink and you adjust the sensitivity by using the scroll wheel. Another feature to help you fine tune your playing style while in game!



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  1. Jon

    This is just a re-branded Shogun Bros Ballista MK1 from a few years ago. Even the software looks the same. http://shogunbros.com/commander/ballista-mk-1

    1. Jason Vaught

      Thanks for the comment Jon, I reached out to Sentey concerning the similarities to the Shogun Bros MK-1. Sentey informed me that the Lumenata chassis design is not exclusive worldwide but is exclusive in retail for Sentey here in the U.S.

      However they do caution that the components found inside the Lumenata Pro vary from those found in other, similar mice built on the same chassis. So while they are both the same design on the outside, they may not have the same type or quality of components on the inside. Hope this clears things up a bit.

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