Tt eSPORTS POSEIDON Mechanical Keyboard Review


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The box for the Thermaltake Poseidon Mechanical Gaming Keyboard has an illustration of the product. At the bottom right is an indicator that tells us what type of Cherry MX switches this keyboard uses. In this case, it is brown. If you were to purchase the Cherry MX Blue version, it will say so in this area.

Poseidon Box Front

Looking at the back of the box, we find that there is a brief introduction of the features on the keyboard itself. It shows us where we can find the media control functions, how to adjust the LED brightness, and many more features that will be discussing later on in this review.

Poseidon Box Back

Inside the box, we find a warranty policy booklet which includes warranty information about the product and how to contact Thermaltake if you ever need to. We also have a quick installation guide that shows us how to install and use the Thermaltake Poseidon Mechanical Gaming Keyboard.

Poseidon Accessories

Taking the keyboard out for the first time, I was very impressed with the weight and build quality. Here we have the Poseidon out of the box. There is nothing too much to say on how it looks, but it has a very classic and traditional layout that will appeal to people who are not into anything too fancy.

Poseidon Top

Flipping it over to the back, we see there are a total of five rubberized feet grips that keep the keyboard in place while sitting on a smooth surface. There is also a two trails for the USB 2.0 cable to be managed. You can trail the wire to the left or the right side of the keyboard depending on which side is most convenient.

Poseidon Bottom

Now that we have seen a little on the Thermaltake Poseidon Mechanical Keyboard and its accessories, let’s go into a closer look of the product itself.


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  1. JackNaylorPE

    No commentary of the KB’s water cooling capabilities ? I mean any component / peripheral named after the “King of the Sea” must be water cooled right ? 🙂

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